Southwark Notice of Intention Section 20

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Thursday 8 July 2004 1.11pm
Has anyone else received a notice of intention from Southwark Council relating to the installation of security entry doors recently?

I feel like I should be making observations on the document, but don't really know what I should be asking. At the end of the day I suppose I am worried about how much we will be asked to pay for this. Have heard horror stories of others here who have been landed with bills in the thousands.

Thursday 8 July 2004 2.04pm
Had one about CCTV cameras and I'm having the same kind of thoughts about huge bills.....
Thursday 8 July 2004 2.38pm
I take it you're a Southwark leaseholder Tizzy? If you are and you've just bought the place it may be that you are allowed a discount for this sort of bill during the first five years. This may well only apply to ex-tennants who have bought their flats but I'm not sure. The other thing I heard is that you may be able to use delaying tactics by questioning everything. One person who posted on this site on the subject a few months ago said that he'd been in your position more than once and he pulled the council up on their not following procedure and has never had any of these bills presented again.

Also, there was a leaseholders forum on here until the site was revamped. You should be able to find the threads somewhere in here. Bit of a moaning shop though there were some useful links.
Thursday 8 July 2004 5.42pm
I stand corrected, you are right rm, it is a notice for borough wide cctv. If the cctv is for public spaces like shopping centres etc. not sure if leaseholders whould be paying for it?!

Blake, thanks for your comments, I have re-read the leaseholders link and there were some helpful advice. I may pop down to the council offices to see the plans and get more information. So far the information on the notice just reads like gobbleygoop to me.
Thursday 8 July 2004 8.28pm
I had this too and have no experience of these things because I am a very recent leaseholder. What I would like to know is: is there any possibility of a (legal) charge being imposed on any flat which does not benefit from CCTV? Can any fellow leaseholders elucidate? I guess a call to LEASE might sort this out.
Friday 9 July 2004 8.47am
Hang on, are you suggesting that Southwark are attempting to charge leaseholders of ex-council homes a share of the cost of implementing CCTV borough-wide? Surely it can't mean that. Isn't that what council tax is for? I'm pretty sure that they can only charge you for work done to your estate or building. The suggestion is so ludicrous that I feel I must have the wrong end of the stick. Can you clarify Tizzy?
Friday 9 July 2004 8.49am
It says in the letter that the cost is not yet known, but we will be receving a bill.

I'm a freeholder of an ex-council house, but pay service charges.
Friday 9 July 2004 9.05am
I've also had this letter and am very confused, as there are no CCTV cameras on our estate as far as I know -- Tizzy, rm, are there any on yours?
Friday 9 July 2004 9.25am
Grilf, there are no cctv cameras on my estate, so I am assuming that the council are planning on:
a) installing cameras on all estates and asking leaseholders to pay for their share on their estate
b) installing cameras council-wide and asking leaseholders to contribute to the overall costs

I am hoping it is a) ... but the notice they sent through is not very clear.

Make sure you all send back your observations on the proforma they sent you. I may try calling the leasehold dept and report back today or go and visit them to view the plans next week.

Friday 9 July 2004 10.17am

No cameras at present.

I too hope that it is option A on Tizzy's list.

The letter is characteristically vague and unclear.
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