Obstructions on Pavement

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Monday 16 August 2004 2.25pm

just sounding out this messageboard to see if anyone else feels strongly about the growing number of obstructions on the pavements in SE1.......

Walking is my main form of transport in London.
I am fairly fit and in my thirties.
However, during busy periods on the pavement, I cannot negoitiate Borough High Street and some surrounding streets at rush hour without being forced to step onto the road by

a) advertising signs (ice creams, menu boards, national lottery etc.)
b) newspaper stands (inc free newspapers like TNT)
c) freestanding shops (i.e. at entrance to Borough tube station)
d) refuse
e) cafe/pub seating
f) pavement works by utility companies
g) cyclists, skateboarders etc.

(and, of course, other pedestrians, who I am happy to see!).

I know that some of these problems are unlikely to change - a cyclist on the path intimadating pedestrians will say the cars on the road intimidate them....... but i imagine the business spill over onto the pavement could be corrected.

An example is the Silka Restaurant beside Borough Market - outside their premises they have two huge plants - some people might like them and think that they add to the area (I dont) BUT they have also put a huge freestanding sign outside cutting off even more of the pavement. Am I mad or is that offensive?

Even when there are no other pedestrians around, I resent having to weave my way around the spillage from businesses. I can't imagine how anyone with the mildest mobility problems would feel crossing from London Bridge to Southwark Cathedral - it the traffic doesnt get them the Peruvian Restaurants sloping over sign chained to a post will.

I think these signs are irritating, dangerous (they DO blow over) and on aesthetic level, make the street look shoddy.

Or should I just be glad that businesses are out there giving work to people in my neighbourhood, and support them in their efforts to tempt the commuters from Tesco/All Bar One /Toni & Guy etc?


Monday 16 August 2004 3.04pm
Borough High Street has been like an obstacle course for several years.
Monday 16 August 2004 3.18pm
It's a scandal. (but not nearly as worthy of discussion as Waitrose :0))

[welcome easyrecall. forgive my ranting. when oh when oh when will they open a waitrose in my flat?]

...if you press it, they will come.
Monday 16 August 2004 3.38pm

it is a disgrace - those boards make it almost impossible to cycle along the pavements (!!)

More seriously, the High St. does look a shambles. There was also a thread here recently about the closed shops on the East side (which have been shut for years) which could be put to good use (book shop? Off license? Waitrose?).

And please I hope that Belushis closes down soon.
Monday 16 August 2004 3.45pm
"A" boards are classed as an OBSTRUCTION on the highway, unless the land is "Private" ie they have studs on the floor ourside the building they should not place anything on them. Southwark Council need to pull there socks up, there is alot of advertising going on that should not be.
Monday 16 August 2004 3.52pm
red bus Wrote:
> And please I hope that Belushis closes down
> soon.

Noise nuisance?
Pavement vomit nuisance?

Or just getting old and unable to cope with effects of the late licence on your liver?

I think we should be told...
Monday 16 August 2004 3.53pm
ick belushi's...

that'll be the bad chat up lines oozing out of the door...
Monday 16 August 2004 3.55pm
..................just when I was getting used to the pavement pizzas outside Belushis
Monday 16 August 2004 5.14pm
Lang Rabbie wrote:

> Noise nuisance?
> Pavement vomit nuisance?
> Or just getting old and unable to cope with
> effects of the late licence on your liver?
> I think we should be told...

It is a den of INIQUITY. I walked past on saturday afternoon (about 12.30pm) and people were throwing shoes out onto the street. Now the last time I got drunk enough to throw mine (or other people's clothing) out onto the pavement it was pretty late at night. No-one should be that drunk at that time in the day. Perhaps this is just my Calvinist upbringing but as a general rule, drunken disrobing should only take place after sundown, to do otherwise is a sign of MORAL TURPITUDE.

...and maybe yes I am little bit jealous that I don't go to places that advertise free entry for women and three-for-one drinks offers. anymore.

Monday 16 August 2004 5.35pm
where EXACTLY is this place-feel the need for a den of iniquity that lets us ladies in for nothing ( or do ladies not frequent it is it any female gets in free!)

do we get free booze as well?

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