Diana Statue proposed behind County Hall

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Friday 27 August 2004 1.27pm
Aagh - it looks absolutely ghastly

Lawyer plans Diana statue - CNN story

"She was wonderful -- a really sweet person," Boonham told CNN.

"I wanted to portray Diana doing her charity and patronage work. It really just commemorates her good works -- nobody seems to be doing that. They have forgotten how good she was with AIDS and land mines."

Just how does spending 200,000 on a bronze statue help raise awareness of these issues?

"All bad art is the result of good intentions" Oscar Wilde
Friday 27 August 2004 1.54pm
Ah bless 'er. She was a good girl murdered by the Duke of Edinburgh. Never harmed a flea. Dodi should have been our next king. Bless!

Friday 27 August 2004 2.25pm
They should get Jeff Koons to do it: http://www.csulb.edu/~karenk/20thcwebsite/439final/ah439fin-Full.00015.html
Gawd bless 'er, she was a great champion of the poor downtrodden dressmaker, the oppressed florist etc. etc. And Kotty Ash just hasn't been the same without poor old Dodi.
Thursday 2 September 2004 10.32am
...and she was always in Lambeth.
Thursday 2 September 2004 11.49am
Frankly I dont see why there should be another monument erected for Princess Diana- much better to have it for someone who has left a truly lasting legacy.
Thursday 2 September 2004 1.06pm
I agree with softhands: see was a manipulative, slightly mad woman but easy on the eye. I don't doubt her good intentions where HIV and landmines are concerned, but the raison d'etre of royals today is nothing but good intentions. Vive la Republique.
Thursday 2 September 2004 4.01pm
God I hope they don't put this carbuncle here... I live and work in County Hall, overlooking the square. Presumably if there's any point to it being put there, I will get to gaze down upon her hideous 80's hairdon't and thousands of sqwaking tourists. More likely, it'll just attract pigeons and get in the way. The square needs a focal point, but anything, anything else please! Am I the only person who remembers that she was practically a national laughing stock before she died for her Jacko-like insistence on watching children's operations and stupid photo-ops?
Thursday 2 September 2004 4.14pm
No, I too remember. And I got into serious trouble on a couple of occassions around the time of her funeral, for pointing out her short-comings. I was absolutely baffled at the reaction of people, and the speed at which our brave media switched from slagging her off, to calling for her beatification, was astonishing even by their standards.
Thursday 2 September 2004 4.17pm
On a point of utter pedantry...

Does anyone know when the illiterate "Forum Magnum Square" was adopted as the official postal address? I'm sure it was just Forum Magnum in the architect's drawings of the infill blocks at County Hall that looked like nothing so much as Daniel Burnham's Chicago Plan of c.1900.

I really would like to see those signs taken down and replaced without the redundant "Square" - but I fear some 170 flats now have it as an address.
Thursday 9 September 2004 11.08am
please lord, save me from this diana idolatry - she was a loon

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