street violence

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Wednesday 26 June 2002 11.31am
Does anyone on here think that although SE1 is becoming sought after location some parts are becoming more undesirable?

On Sunday night I had to get involved when a young girl got attacked by a junkie outside my window, the poor girl had had her bag, phone etc stolen and the attacker had cut her throat with a knife (fortunately not to deep, more of a bad scratch really). Anyway the whole thing shook me up pretty badly.

We chased after the girl and cornered her. The police were great, they had 4 cars an ambulance and dogs there in a couple of minutes . but the affair got me thinking about the area.

There seems to be a lot more aggresive begging going on lately especially in some of the side streets around Guy's hospital, (where there are two 'soup kitchens') There also seems to be more permanent homeless people around London Bridge station.

Do we think that the council, police, local business is doing enough to help with this issue?

please don't get me wrong, I am not taking a moral highground against the homeless, sucessive governments have let people down on many fronts and created more of a problem that there need be.

I just want to make where I live and work a better place and I also want to see others take their responsibilities seriously - e.g. the soup kitchens making their patrons clean up their rubbish after themselves and provide links to some sort of counselling.

Does anyone out there agree with what I am saying and is there anyway that we can make a difference?
Wednesday 26 June 2002 1.29pm
I agree with you completely. I think it's less to do with homeless people, but the drug addicts (who's numbers are soaring in SE1).

I am constantly approached around the Old Kent Road, Tower Bridge area, and am really fed up.

I have also noticed a lot of people who are obviously mentally ill and do need locking up/looking after as they look extremely dangerous.

A friends 16 year old sister has been mugged twice now on the way to the Elephant & Castle centre.

I think the Old Kent Road, in paticular the Aylesbury Estate is a haven for criminals, addicts, prostitues, alcoholics and the mentally insane (and I am NOT exaggerating)!
Thursday 27 June 2002 11.35am
Most of my friends have had a mobile stolen on the street, laptop stolen at knifepoint, etc. Coming from New York City, I find it really shocking how bad the street crime is in London and, yes, the violence. In NYC if you get mugged it's not a violent affair - no punching, no throat cutting, etc. Just hand over the wallet and you're on your way. It seems to me muggers are really overdoing it here.
An increased use in crack cocaine (as the media is hyping) is only going to make it much worse - as that was a real factor in violent street crime in NYC in the early 90s.
I live a few hundred meters from the Walworth police station but you never see them actually walking around or doing a drive patrol in the area. Meanwhile you see lots of shady characters hanging around, unperturbed in their drug dealing, etc.
Seems to me the police are pretty crap here. I've reported seeing a bike stolen, had the thief's license plate, etc. but they said they couldn't do anything.
I don't think the U.K. should lock up vast populations, as the U.S. does, but I do think more police --walking street beats too-- could at least instill a little more fear into the hearts of criminals who right now know there is little risk of getting caught.
It's totally inexcusable that murders in public places go unsolved and the prosecution rate for rape is something like 7%.
Monday 1 July 2002 9.10am
There does seem to be a noticeable increase in nasty people hanging about, mainly junkies. The Aylesbury Estate was a hell hole when I had a friend who lived on it in the 80's, it can have only got worse. Anyone who could, got the hell out. We need zero tolerance like in NYC. If that upsets a few people tough luck.
Tuesday 9 July 2002 10.30pm

I agree with every word. You are better off out of there.
All I can see when I go back is frightened people walking along. The flats are dirty. The curtains well if you can call then that, are held up by dirt. Newcomen street near guys hospital is where i used to live. It was clean then no cars were allowed in the flats. The flats landings were all washed. We could walk the streets not now.

Move Now
Wednesday 10 July 2002 5.05pm
Rosie what is your problem?

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