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Monday 4 October 2004 4.59pm
No, not another story about the sad state of the postal service in SE1, but a rant about Deliverance, a food delivery (?) service!

Husband and I got a menu delivered last Friday and on Saturday decided to push the boat out and have our meal delivered! Having deliberated over the vast (and delicious sounding menu) we finally chose and then after quite a few redials I got through.

Your address is asked for, so I gave it in full; I was then told that it needed to be checked ... I guessed they were checking that they would deliver to this part of SE1 (there is a caviat on the inside cover saying that it delivers to some addresses in SE1, and as SEi is so large, I stupidly thought they may not deliver to the outer reaches ...) No, they wouldn't deliver to my flat as it is part of an estate.

The block of flats I live in (38 in all) is a small well-lit, well maintained LA block. I'm guessing that the other residents here also need to eat and should they have money, I guess it's as good as anyone elses, so why is an estate out of bounds to Deliverance? Our block is surrounded by much larger new blocks of (luxury, contemporary, lifestyle) flats along Long Lane, you know the sort - something tells me that when residents do move into these, providing they can still afford to eat, they probably won't have the same problem...

Anyway we resorted to tried and trusted Simply Indian, who delivered on time, to the door (crikey) and we enjoyed a splendid meal, at probably half the price!

I guess it serves us right for having ideas above our station!!!
Monday 4 October 2004 5.24pm

Sorry to hear about your problems - did they specifically say it was because you live on an estate ? If so, the incongruity of being prepared to deliver a menu to your door, but not food, is pretty startling !

That said, I also live on Long Lane, in one of the earliest of those "luxury contemporary lifestyle" developments, and the only time I have tried Deliverance, I was also told they didn't deliver to my part of SE1. We don't even get the menus (not sure if that makes it better or worse) !

On a bit of a thread hijack, I've tried Simply Indian once or twice for take out in the last couple of months and either no-one has answered the phone, or I've have been told they're not doing take out at the moment. Their online ordering thing has been down too. I wondered if they might have been taken over - did it seem like the same menu / quality to you ?
Monday 4 October 2004 5.34pm
Hi Harriet

Well at least I needn't be too paranoid anymore! I just cannot abide bad shoddy service and when I was told that they wouldn't deliver to an estate - as indeed I was - I was furious as that seemed as though a company was making a judgement on who can or cannot have their service/products because of where they live

Maybe we had a rogue leaflet delivery!

Anyway I do recall an instance when we weren't able to get through to Simply Indian though haven't had any problems of late - and yes same menu and still seems edible to me!! In fact, their curry actually started off my labour ... but that's a whole other story!!!
Monday 4 October 2004 6.50pm
Have you had an accident slipping on an unsolicited Deliverance menu?
No win no fee service for victims of bad back injury resulting from picking up pizza/menu
type junk landing on your mat.
Tuesday 5 October 2004 9.28am
Although I think it's misguided at the very least, I suspect that the reason they differentiate between our type of flats and the posh ones is that they are worried about having their drivers/riders robbed on dodgy inner city estates. I never heard of it happening round here (I live in the same bit of town myself) but it does happen. It does however, remind me of the time that The Hartley opened and posted an 'opening special offer' card to local homes but somehow missed out my estate. It's the same short sighted or blinkered view and no doubt cost them customers in a similar way too. It still hurts.
Tuesday 5 October 2004 10.10am
Think about it from the Company's pt of view as well , i their staff have their safety jepoardised its all not good. I am sure they would love to make your £ but have chosen not to put their staff at risk . Whether its a perception or a reality I am not sure.
Tuesday 5 October 2004 10.20am
The name of this company gives the game away. I would imagine that they tried to deliver the food by canoe, but were hijacked, and sexually molested by some in-bred locals. Neither should they call themselves Planes, Trains and Automobiles, or Jason and the Argonauts. Almost certainly, the food would arrive late, and they'd have a lot more far-fetched excuses..
Tuesday 5 October 2004 10.21am
I am sure and it is not. Similar to paranoia thread.
Saturday 23 October 2004 5.41pm
I live on Curlew St and have ordered from them 3-4 times. Food is okay (and good when you're hungry!). But last night they disappointed as the delivery man arrived 40 minutes late because he got lost. In that hour and 40 minutes, I should have just cooked my own dinner.

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