My postcode means I'm scum.

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Tuesday 5 October 2004 7.44pm
I followed the link to from the Ads by Gooooooooole above ( All about SE1)
and entered my postcode of SE1 1YX. It seems I belong to the lower end of society, with a high credit
risk, low disposable income and should only be approached with extreme caution. Also, this building
is within 500metres of an indicative flood plain -- lucky I'm on the 3rd floor -- and a high risk of subsidence. Oops!
Luckily there is a low risk for radon and coal mining!!!! However there is high pollution.
Very few investors, financial directors and students live locally. I thought the area around Guy's and the Borough
was awash with students.
Reading this file has given me an inferiority complex -- wait, maybe it's not a complex, maybe I really am inferior.
Tuesday 5 October 2004 8.09pm
I'm scum too, except for when I'm at Tharg Towers, then I'm relatively well-to-do, and can get as much credit as I like. You can compare and contrast with:
Tuesday 5 October 2004 8.20pm
upmystreet has the SE1 1YX locationcircle on the corner of Long Lane and Tennis St,
whereas it's actually further north on Newcomen St between Tennis St and Bowling Green Place. However,
the site confirms our lowly status.
Tuesday 5 October 2004 10.52pm
I don't know how reliable this site is - it claims there are few students and lots of elderly people, claiming the date comes from the census, yet the census says exactly the opposite! There are more than three times as many students here (I'm in an adjacent postcode area) than the average nationally, and fewer elderly people.

Maybe they used the census done 13 years ago rather than the recent one. Or maybe they are just wrong. Either way I'm not impressed.
Wednesday 6 October 2004 9.15am
Phoney - Like you I seem to have moved round the corner if upmystreet is anything to go by. But at least I'm very interested in current affarirs even if I am on a low income and not very well educated. Oh yes not much hope for my boys ever they only list the nearest secondary school and thats for girls!
Wednesday 6 October 2004 1.10pm
I don't need a website to know I'm scum.
Wednesday 6 October 2004 1.52pm
It's all a bit of a laugh, isn't it. Until you stop to think that it's this sort of outdated info that e.g. insurers go on when they give us ridiculously high quotes to insure anything round here.

On Balance though, I tend to think that other people thinking SE1 is rubbish is a good thing (for those of us who live here).

...if you press it, they will come.
Wednesday 6 October 2004 4.27pm
That is a long as no lurkers are reading this forum, as then they would know that you all are very discerning, educated and nothing like scum.

Wednesday 6 October 2004 5.08pm
Speak for yourself, I'm definitely scum.
Thursday 7 October 2004 7.52am
The best bit about living in the shallow end of the gene pool is that it's easy to appear fabulous with very little effort.
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