Fat people

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Wednesday 10 July 2002 9.08pm
I got stuck behind a really fat person waddling along through Elephant and Castle underpass today, and it made me late for work. I think we should ban fat people from travelling around during the rush hour in SE1.
Wednesday 10 July 2002 9.27pm
45,000,000 for a Rubens? Fat people rock the world!
If you want thin, go live in Angola.
Thursday 11 July 2002 6.41am
Vot you mean? my \'usband got a lot of money for painting me an the liitle vuns?
\'Ven he did it I veighed 200 hunnered punds, ven \'e finished i veighed 300 hunnered \'cos I ad to sit for so long..

I am gonna ask for more shekels for my gelfite fish an chikken soup, then I can go this elephant and castle place and block the road so little skinny people can not pass and have to go into shopping area to buy food to feed their little boddies and tiny minds.
Thursday 11 July 2002 10.25am
Ha ha, very funny, they're mostly American though, fat people that is.
Thursday 11 July 2002 11.40am
what a great topic
Miss Piggy
Thursday 11 July 2002 11.41am
Its a curse form god (on americans)
Thursday 11 July 2002 2.19pm
Ha - the English have done a good job catching up with the chunky American cousins. At least lots of Americans are on a health kick, unlike here where veggie food and exercise are regarded with suspicion.
who do you see jogging around the city in the morning/lunch hour/after work?: Americans.
And for a major city, there are a lot of fat people - I'm sure far more per capita than in Manhattan.
anyway, I take those underpasses every day - you have to put an arm out and push your way around, politely saying excuse me. (another thing that needs attention here - manners.)
But at least the fat person was walking - look at all the lazy folk taking the bus one or two stops.
Thursday 11 July 2002 3.05pm
I find that the majority of Fat English people tend to be fat through some kind of medical reason. Fat American people are fat because they are greedy.
Thursday 11 July 2002 3.14pm
my medical reason is an unsatiable appetite....thanks for the best excuse I've ever had offered on my behalf.....
ginger cat
Thursday 11 July 2002 3.54pm
"medical reasons." yeah tell it to the fat schoolkids stuffing their faces with crisps and soda - for breakfast on the bus.
the medical reason worldwide is convenient calorie-packed food that doesn't spoil (preservatives and packaging) and is cheap and accessible.
greedy americans...hmm, let's not even compare an english person and an american person eating a meal. americans learn to chew, and to actually talk during a social meal.
but then again...there are plenty of greedy american pigs, even if they do have better table manners.
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