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Wednesday 5 January 2005 10.20am
Ken Livingstone's office produces a free monthly newspaper called The Londoner which they claim is distributed to ALL London addresses. I never get one and I don't know anyone who does. What's going on? Does anyone get one through their letterbox every month?
Wednesday 5 January 2005 10.23am
I aint got one....sniff , sniff....:-( it's probably the same thing as southwarks newspaper -The Sparrow* was printed, they all ended up in various housing department lobbies, undistributed then thrown away!

* no longer...
Wednesday 5 January 2005 10.35am
I got one once, but over 2 years ago... and it wasn't very interesting.

There was a good game you could play on it - which page mentions Ken's name the most ;-)
Wednesday 5 January 2005 11.27am
Never heard of it, or received it.

Do you think they send it by Royal Mail, perhaps?

...if you press it, they will come.
Wednesday 5 January 2005 11.55am
It is also available online at:

Wednesday 5 January 2005 12.59pm
Occasionally piles of them have been spotted in the lobby of the building I live in, but rarely! Last time that happened they had a rather handy voucher on the back for half price buffet at Deep Pan Pizza!
Wednesday 5 January 2005 1.05pm
Not everyone has acess to the net these day's, so it would be nice to recieve a bit of excitement through the door opposed to the credit card bills.
Wednesday 5 January 2005 4.53pm
i have rnever received one - but funnily eno0ugh, when I lived in W1 they arrived promptly.
You aren't missing much - I once counted 6 pictures Ken in one issue (almost one per page)
The letters from "the public" generally consisted of people find ways to complain about how successful Ken had been (how am I ging to find room for all my relatives who now want to visit London because Ken has made it so much better?)
Wednesday 5 January 2005 6.57pm
I dont get them and am not bothered, but would like to get the Southwark freebie which I also dont get, which has useful info about events and services sometimes. Southwark claim to deliver it to all residents but I have never got one delivered.
Thursday 6 January 2005 2.54pm
I've only ever received the Southwark one once or twice - we took advantage of a half price entry offer for Vinopolis, only for Southwark residents.

Oddly Southwark council seem only too happy to send multiple copies of the same council tax bill - when moving into our current flat we had a daily scene similar to that in Harry Potter where hundreds of letters come through the door! For about 2 weeks we got four or five copies of the same council tax bill, addressed to a former tenant. Quite why they were sending out so many copies I really don't know! They ceased promptly when they were updated on the details though, and surprisingly carried over our exemption from council tax from another property in the borough without even asking for proof of still being students.

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