Bendy bus

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Bus spotter
Friday 9 August 2002 1.27pm
So we have the bendy bus in London, and it's coming in for some stick on a thread about congestion, so I thought it needed a thread of its own.

They (whoever they may be) say that double deckers are too slow for boarding and disembarking, and that with their 3 doors you can use, a bendy bus is more efficient.

They only take up the space of 2 buses, have the same capacity as 1 bus, but can get people on 3 times as quickly. (Those nifty ticket machines at bus stops are a good idea.)

They also look continental and have that whiff of mystery and promise, but do we like them?
Friday 9 August 2002 1.43pm
are you saying that it has the capactiy of 1 single or one double decker?

I do think the time buses are at stops is a real issue plus bus lane enforcement is a real issue.

I think these bendy buses will come into their own once the new smart cards are introduced throughout the whole london transport system. I'm sure you have all noticed that most tube stations have a new yellow bit on the ticket barriers and most buses also have the same thing on their ticket machines. this will allow you to charge up a smart card with money and use it on tubes/buses etc without having queue each journey. this will be of great benefit to people like myself who don't travel enough to warrant a full monthly travel card.

Another thing that would speed up the time waitng at stops is if women could work out that as you have to either show the bus driver your pass or pay a pound every time you get on the bus then GET YOUR PASS OR MONEY READY BEFORE THE BUS GETS THERE instead of rooting around in your handbag like a pig hunting for truffles.
Bus spotter
Friday 9 August 2002 1.56pm
One-ish double decker bus. (Twice-ish the size of a single decker.)

A half witted driver taking money from a queue of quarter witted customers is a sure fire way to make buses too slow to be worth using. Roll on smart cards.
Saturday 10 August 2002 8.38pm
Having lived on the continent it is a real mystery to me why London has taken so long to get bendy buses. I think perhaps there has been too much emotional attachment to the iconic Routemaster doubledecker. It's nice in a way to go into a 1950s timewarp but clambering up and down the stairs is terribly inefficient and the accommodation is very cramped.
Re smart cards. I have also recently stayed in Kuala Lumpur where they have had contactless smart cards for some time on buses and metro. Well, better late than never.
I do agree with you about women in queues. Sorry to be sexist but what is it with these women who seem to be dumbstruck whenever they are required to pay for anything and then hold everyone up for ages while they start looking for their cash.
Tuesday 13 August 2002 11.20am
Bendy buses are terrible. They're too slow! They're a menace to cyclists because they drive so slowly, forcing us to overtake them - and overtaking something that long is a nightmare.
They're a menace to pedestrians for a similar reason - when you're trying to cross the road and a bendy bus stops in front of you, you're tempted to walk along its full length to get between the traffic.
I appreciate the logic that they can unload quickly but London's problem is a shortage of road space and bendy buses simply squander it.
Give me double deckers any day.
Tuesday 13 August 2002 6.36pm
I like the Bendy buses - and when the payment issue is sorted out then I look forward to seeing many more. Maybe the cyclist issue needs to be more thoroughly investigated though.
And at the risk of sexism - the fair sex do seem to need to ferret around in their bags when they get to the driver paypoint. Then bring out purses, wallets and what not. Even if they have period passes, or books of tickets. Come on girls, get organised more - use the wait time for the bus to sort out your jorney payment.

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