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Tuesday 22 February 2005 1.16pm
Somebody went straight through my back door one day last week, and ran off with inter alia an ancient laptop, some new shirts and some new socks. They rejected my digital camera, and my Minolta SLR camera. Strange bunch these SE1 burglars.

The policeman said they'd probably come from St Mungo's, which is very close to my house. What is St Mungo's? And whatever it might be, what can I do to get rid of it?

Tuesday 22 February 2005 1.22pm
Sorry to hear that, Mapmaker.

...if you press it, they will come.
Tuesday 22 February 2005 1.27pm
Is it really Mapmaker with a new name, or newly registered imposter ?

I suspect Mapmaker might a) know what St. Mungo's is and b) be more than capable of the 2 second Google which is required to ask that question...


Edited to say: having seen The Mapmaker's post in the Allegro thread, I think the use of the work "Nooo!" puts the matter beyond doubt. [For the avoidance of doubt, this is all TFIC]

Edited 2 times. Last edit at 22 February 2005 1.30pm by Siduhe.
Tuesday 22 February 2005 5.25pm
I think its a new Mapmaker aka The Mapmaker, because they were registered on the forum today..
Tuesday 22 February 2005 6.06pm
'Tis still me, O Red-Bagged Cat Lover. Recreated with a definite article & a different computer...

Shamed into Googling, there's no sign of a Mungo in my part of town - according to their website. I don't doubt that the policeman was correct though. (Sorry, Sir, you've been broken into by somebody on a mix of crack cocaine & heroin, there are no fingerprints, there is nothing we can do. Here is your crime reference number, a booklet on helping the victims of crime is on its way to you.) He made it quite clear that concentrating homeless people into a hostel gave rise to a crime hotspot. No surprise there, is there? However do they get planning permission?
Tuesday 22 February 2005 6.27pm
We had imagined some dreadful fate had befallen the real Mapmaker in the Dengie Marshes, and you were some imposting scoundrel!
Tuesday 22 February 2005 7.02pm
Actually, I knew it was you as soon as I saw the 9oz rat story below...even 300 monkeys with typewriters given infinite time couldn't come out with the same story as that !

Nice to see you back on line.

On point - according to the Crisis website, the Mungo's in SE1 is on Great Gifford Street.
Wednesday 23 February 2005 9.06am
It is a shame to divert the police to bothering with crime and break ins. Dont you realise they have real work to do putting films in speed cameras catching apple eating motorists - real crime
Wednesday 23 February 2005 9.39am
To the credit of the police, they turned up sharpish. I discovered it at midnight, and asked them to come the following morning (they said they would have been there within the hour). They were there just before 8am. The fingerprint expert arrived at 9am.

Wednesday 23 February 2005 10.17am
My manners have gone downhill - I should have said sorry to hear about the theft in my first post.

[The criminal mind is a strange thing. I once recovered over 100 worth of readily saleable books that I left in the back of a Scottish taxi, but the next fare had only stolen two new pairs of heavyweight walking socks!]
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