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Monday 2 May 2005 2.29pm
half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.
Kenneth Grahame
Well, it's always quiet here on holidays
Monday 2 May 2005 6.15pm
Gosh, look how low the Thames gets!
Tuesday 3 May 2005 1.51pm
For me the most fascinating thing about the Thames is the different tides: the river is completely different at each moment of the day and that's what brings it to life. I was born in Amsterdam, lived in Paris before I moved here and those are two cities with distinct rivers, but I fel in love with the Thames, river of rivers.
Tuesday 3 May 2005 3.27pm
Ahhh Maurits, you romantic thing you!
Wednesday 4 May 2005 3.34am
Remember the heavy rain we had last year, I think, that resulted in the sewage overflow? It dumped tonnes of sewage into the river.

Thats what all those happy campers are playing with!

Good enough to kill some fish, finger licking good enough for your kids to then have an ice cream with.

Yum yum

Wednesday 4 May 2005 7.54am
Don't remember any reports on raw sewage being dumped in the Thames last year as a result of heavy rain

I might be wrong

Or are you talking crap, poopoo
Wednesday 4 May 2005 9.22am
There have been quite a few stories about the need for more investment in infrastructure to prevent sewage leaking into the Thames. There's a proposal to build a tunnel along the Thames to divert rainwater towards treatment works and away from the river, but DEFRA has ordered another study into feasability and cost (the third to date, I believe) - so the prospects of anything happening soon are remote.

I think the particular story that poopoo is referring to is this one.
Wednesday 4 May 2005 9.46am
I am reading a book called "Underground London" by Stephen Smith, which has a chapter on the sewers in London. The author went on a guided tour of the sewers, and there is loads of interesting information about how and where sewage is discharged, and the amount that makes it into the Thames each year. (It also has a discussion about rats....)

Wednesday 4 May 2005 11.47am
No BMovie, not talking crap.

As Sidhue pointed out with his link to the article (thanks), 500,000 tonnes of sewage made its way into the Thames last year.

And the remnants is what all the happy beach bums in that picture that Phoney uploaded, are playing with :)

Wednesday 4 May 2005 12.08pm
When we did sailing at the Westminster Boating Base last yr, they told us that it was usual after a heavy rain for there to be a fair bit of poo in the river. I think TULMJJ told me a story about a particularly fragrant afternoon of sailing she enjoyed last yr.

If you ever notice the Thames "bubblers" (boats that aereate the water - you can see the bubbles coming out behind them at work, you'll see they're on the river quite often, trying to combat pollution (of the poo and non-poo sorts).

...if you press it, they will come.

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