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Monday 13 June 2005 12.28pm
After spending all day yesterday walking with my boyfriend and friend, we fancied stopping somewhere for a drink and quick game of travel scrabble (travel scrabble comes everywhere with us. Sad, I know..). Walking past The Bridge House pub on Tower Bridge Road at around 9pm, we thought it looked nice so went in, ordered a bottle of wine and commenced quietly playing scrabble. There were a few tables of people reading newspapers, talking and so on - seemed like a typical sunday evening with people relaxing. We couldn't believe it when the waitress came up to us after about half an hour and told us to stop playing scrabble because the manager/owner forbids any game playing whatsoever. We pointed out that it was just scrabble (not strip poker, not gambling) and that surely it was a harmless pastime, akin to reading in fact. She insisted that the manager did not allow any games to played, she didn't know why. The game-hating manager wasn't actually there, so once she'd told us, to her credit she didn't insist that we leave. But I get the feeling the manager would have. Surely they should have signs up listing prohibited activities? We've played scrabble in loads of pubs/bars and no-one has ever complained - they usually admire our cute miniture scrabble board. We won't be going to The Bridge House again, if this is true. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? Can a manager really stop you doing something harmless just because he doesn't like it? Surely they couldn't stop people reading in pubs?
Monday 13 June 2005 12.55pm
Shame, the SE1 bridge players could have gone to this appropriately named pub too ...
Monday 13 June 2005 1.12pm
I go there every now and again (and, indeed, had thought about it for bridge one week but we ended up somewhere else). They do Aspalls cider (filtered, pasteurised, etc, but a world better than most of the cider in pubs round here and a bit of a nice oddity), Adnams beers, make a decent stab at food, have a nice bright interior (often with a small photo exhibition), and magazines to read.

I've always found the staff very pleasant, but then again I'd never tried to play a game in there. I'm very surprised. Perhaps the boss (who could live in Boss House as it's only round the corner) had a bad experience with Buckaroo when younger? It's hard to think of a reasonable explanation. As you point out, you were hardly playing naked twister on the table.

...if you press it, they will come.
Monday 13 June 2005 1.18pm
Ivanhoe Wrote:
As you point out, you were hardly
> playing naked twister on the table.

Mac didn't say anything about naked twister on the table. That's just your imagination.

Anyway, how about a game of good old fashioned hide and seek in there ... order your food and a drink or two ... eat and drink and then ...

Monday 13 June 2005 1.50pm
I remember going to a cider makers meeting there. I played a game of lock-the-barmaid-in-the-cupboard. Oh how she laughed.
Anonymous User
Monday 13 June 2005 2.42pm
Was she laughing because Ivanhoe was playing naked twiseter in the cupboard?
Monday 13 June 2005 3.00pm
mac, did you turn teetotal and not buy a drink during the game?
Monday 13 June 2005 3.13pm
No, we started off with one of the more expensive bottles of wine, followed by additional drinks. Probably spent over 30 in total. We probably lingered longer because we were playing scrabble. You'd think they'd encourage it...
Monday 13 June 2005 5.01pm
Birdie Wrote:
> Was she laughing because Ivanhoe was playing naked
> twiseter in the cupboard?

Well. If you play in confined spaces it's bound to tickle

...if you press it, they will come.
Tuesday 14 June 2005 8.42am
I stopped going in there for fairly similar reasons. It's really up it's own backside. If you want to play games then the Dean Swift has a windowsill full of them, so you can only conclude that it is the particular manager of the Bridge House that is so stuck up. This episode says a lot about the seeming attitude of the place and the social engineering in progress; the manager has most likely banned games because of the impression it gives out, of what is just another gastropub pub. They most likely want to keep out lingering students or the ghastly hoi polloi of the River Bar, and maintain a steady trickle of blazer and jeans wearing staid folk with fat salaries. It's always wry smile on my face when I see their chalkboard outside the pub too - “Friendly Service”. You must be kidding. As four of us left after paying up, the manageress shouted across the pub at her barman “have they paid?!!” as we walked towards the door. It seems a tactic for alienating customers beyond the target demographic is to just embarrass them. A Decent mix = A decent pub. c.f Market Porter for instance. It's overpriced and I would rather be pickpocketed by the manager than suffer from openly knowing that I am being thoroughly ripped off, although their prices illustrate the utter contempt the management has for customers.
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