Tube Strike

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Wednesday 25 September 2002 11.53pm
Some things occur to me

1 do people generally chat each other on buses or was it just adversity breaking down social a barriers ?

2 what would you do with 30,000 a year and 42 days holiday ?

3 is London just built all wrong and might it not be best to scrap it and start over ?

4 what is your favourite kind of car and which road do you most enjoy driving it on ?

All the best

Sunday 29 September 2002 5.32pm
Did anyone use the free boat service during last week's strike?
Sunday 29 September 2002 6.55pm
I didn't know there was a free boat-service.


1) I'm up early to go to work... Hence I'm surrounded by people who do not benefit from Morning-Joy at that time, or are office cleaners who speak a tongue that I'm shamefully not aware of.

2) As soon as I'd start the job, I'd take 42 paid days holiday, and then look for a better paid job on return.

3)I'm not sure that London is built incorrectly... If it was designed like NY, then any old fool and his mother could become black-cabbies, and we'd soon have those cleaners mentioned earlier driving us around town without being communicative and helpfull. In an utopian world, I would prefer to see politicians cluttering certain parts of the city however...

4) cars for every occasion... either a Nobel on the Autobahn (at 3AM) or a Humvee for the middle of the day in Paris... (London will soon go the same way)

Hope this helps you in your hunger for knowledge.

Sunday 29 September 2002 9.53pm

Thanks Jai that make things a lot clearer.

Sorry James no I didnt use the boat but the routes offered were too short to make much difference to me but I daresay if you work/live in Chelsea/The Docklands they might be lovely.

Apparently there is another strike planned next week I hope they adopt the French model.

This was told to me by a friend and I wonder if anyone can verify it ? When the METRO workers go on strike they keep working but simply open all the ticket gates causing financial loss to their employers but no inconvenience to travellers.

Sounds like a great idea does anyone have Bob Crows E mail ?

All the best

Monday 30 September 2002 1.27pm
1. Generally they only chat if they are not English
2. Play more golf
3. Lost tourists wouldn't be as much fun on straight streets
4. Any kind of car, anywhere without hoards of impatient road users.

What are your answeres, Dan?

Monday 30 September 2002 1.38pm
I did. It was a great way to get to (and from) work. On the way, the crew even gave a tour. I wish I could travel like that every day - it beats the tube.
Wednesday 2 October 2002 8.00pm

Bring on the driverless trains. They'll be safer and more reliable.
Wednesday 2 October 2002 8.34pm
they seem to work in Paris.

Friday 4 October 2002 12.49pm
the parisian model does sound great!

apparently, it wouldn't work in london, because the tube bosses have the power to suspend anyone who lets a passenger on without taking the correct fare. therefore (according the unions), as soon as this happened, the management would suspend several people and the whole workforce would strike, as before...

i'm not sure how much this is the unions not wanting to find a viable alternative.

i had friends visiting london from overseas and they were appalled at the way the city was being held to ransom, and also very disappointed that they missed out on doing things they would otherwise have done on the tube strike days. and they still had me to show them how to get around on the buses (without being killed in the crush). gotta feel a bit sorry for the tourists who arrive during the planned 48 hour strikes - will they want their money back?

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