Evening Standard guy in London Bridge station

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Tuesday 28 June 2005 1.00pm
There is a strange sounding man who sells the Evening Standard inside London Bridge station, near the exit from the Jubilee line.

He has this vaguely musical sounding phrase that he calls out to catch the attention of passers by. Has anyone got any idea of what he is saying? His words are completely incomprehensible to me.
Tuesday 28 June 2005 3.47pm
Evening Standard?

Late prices extra?

Those are the usual calls of an evening paper salesman.
Tuesday 28 June 2005 4.03pm
It's part of the newsvendor training - when I lived in York many moons ago there was a paper seller whose cry was legendary - "E Po". That's all it was. Now written down it could be translated as Evening Post, but to us he was and will always be the E-Po man. The two Ronnies did a sketch based on this phenomenon - "E'n Stannart" as I recall...

It's probably in a vintage Street Cries of London print
Anonymous User
Tuesday 28 June 2005 4.04pm
"West End Final"? Do we get that as far east as London Bridge?
Tuesday 28 June 2005 5.15pm
markandjoan, have to correct you there - the sketch was done by Eric and Ernie, and the cry from Eric as the newspaper vendor was "Morny Stanny!" which Ernie tried to correct to "Morning Standard" as he bought a paper.

The joke of course was that the paper was in fact called the Morny Stanny....

I'm on my way back to pedants corner now.
Tuesday 28 June 2005 7.44pm
You're right, of course it was Eric and Ernie, I stand corrected - the memory fragments are now reassembled. At least I knew it was a comedy duo. Sigh. Sometimes I think I can actually feel bits of my brain disassembling :-(

I think the trick is not to try and recall anything!

Mark (at least I think that's my name...)
Tuesday 28 June 2005 9.12pm
We could start another debate re the relative talents of the Two Ronnies v Eric and Ernie - for me, E&E would win hands down for consistent entertainment with a capital N - though the 2R's "fork 'andles" sketch was a classic play on the same theme as this thread...I'm off to listen to something from Radio 7s play again list for my fix of nostalgia..
Tuesday 28 June 2005 10.07pm
Birdie's right:
es.....................tend............ eyenal

and before 3pm it's

Anonymous User
Wednesday 29 June 2005 9.06am
bmovie Wrote:
> Birdie's right:

I usually am... Even when I'm wrong...

Wednesday 29 June 2005 11.07am
bmovie Wrote:
> and before 3pm it's
> teeee..........ices

Tea and ices before 4pm. What's this country coming to?

...if you press it, they will come.
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