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Tuesday 1 October 2002 10.26pm
How come the new Hungerford footbridges are still totally cycle unfriendly and we cyclists have to risk life and limb on Westminster or Waterloo Bridges at rush hour? In the Netherlands all steps up to bridges etc have a narrow concrete runnel so that a bike can be pushed up the steepest incline relatively easily. if there has been previous discussion about this, apologies, I am a newcomer to this forum. (I know I could push the bike across the millenium bridge but then I am too far from where I want to be!)
ps. Other than the traffic on St George's Road I think SE1 is a fab place to live!
Wednesday 2 October 2002 9.47am

I totally agree. It never fails to amaze me how provision for cyclists is so poor in London.

I live at Tower Bridge and regularly cycle to Waterloo along the river front. However, two sections have been decreed "no-cycling" for apparently no good reason whatsoever (ie. all along the stretch from Tower Bridge to London Bridge, and by the Oxo Tower). Thankfully, very few cyclists follow the orders to not cycle on these stretches (granted, there is a stupid minority of cyclists who ride dangerously in these pedestrianised areas, giving us all a bad name).

Wednesday 2 October 2002 11.11am
Aye aye! Totally hear what you're saying. Cycling is all too often an after thought in all planners & designers affairs. Maybe the validity of bikes as a form of transport around London is going to increase with the current spate of tube strikes and general attrocious congestion. Saw a terrific array of folk pedalling their legs off over Waterloo Bridge this morning, some clearly having taken to two wheels for fear of dying of boredom or frustration (or plain old age) trying their luck with buses or cars.

You never know, cyclists might even be taken seriously when congestion charging persuades more folk to opt for two wheels.

I'd certainly use a cycle friendly bridge for my daily commute rather than chance it on the Waterloo autobahn.

Remember - cycle considerately, obey ALL the rules of the road (if you want rights, accept the responsibility) and enjoy getting from SE1 to anywhere else in central London in 30 mins or less - guaranteed!

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Wednesday 2 October 2002 2.54pm
I'm sure you are all well behaved cyclists, but unfortunatley there are a lot who arn't. a cycle friendly bridge sounds great. but not for the people who have to dodge out of the way.
i'm not anti bike honest. but since living in London i have been swore at for being in the way.( silly me was crossing the road at the green man light)many cyclists do not seem to worry about traffic lights) had my elbow clipped numerous times by bikes coming passed me on the pavement. yet to have one appologise. while these types are about getting the public to welcome sharing the pavement with them will be hard.
Wednesday 2 October 2002 5.30pm
I agree, I'm sick to death of dodging cyclists on pavements, and at traffic lights - they expect you to get out of the way when it's your right of way in the first place. It is highly unfortunate that many cyclists fail to realise the laws that apply to them, and seem to make up their own to suit themselves. When I have the guts to say something to them about being in the wrong and nearly knocking me over they turn round and have a go at me in a threatening manner. We can't win it seems.
Wednesday 2 October 2002 6.30pm
Martin U,

"Thankfully, very few cyclists follow the orders to not cycle on these stretches"

not too sure what you mean with this. Does this mean it's ok if a car-driver drives through a red light or even use bus-lanes...

I ride a bicycle into work, and it's a little annoying seeing other cyclists jump through red and riding too 'defensively' (middle of the road). I know that car-drivers get anoyed about this kind of attitude. And why don't all cyclists wear proper lights when it gets darker ?

If we as cyclists want the general public to accept us as better road-users (and pavements) then we have to act reasonably and responsibly too. It's not for nothing that we get shouted at so often.

Generally, I think people are too defensive, and are not taking responsiblity for their actions. Hence the shouting at pedestrians when the cyclist is clearly at fault. It's the old attitude of "I own the road" wether they walk, cycle or drive.

Long live the footbridge ! pedestrians have rights too !!!!
Long live the bus and cycle Lanes ! Bicycles are the way forward !!!
Long live the car... Public transport is throughly shite...

Wednesday 2 October 2002 7.38pm
As a cyclist who almost always stops at red lights (even when it hacks off the cars who then have to wait for me to go), I have never received so much abuse as on the approaches to Westminster Bridge, which is a nightmare. It's also dangerous, with pedestrians leaping out onto the road to avoid other pedestrians taking pictures of each other. Perhaps one of the two Hungerford Bridges could have been cycle-enabled?

Just one point of detail - the stretch between London Bridge and Tower Bridge is partly OK for cyclists - the route goes along Battlebridge Road and then along the river past the City Hall. The Sustrans map shows it at However, I wouldn't try that on a day like today with the huddled masses trudging along the path in the absence of the tube.
Thursday 3 October 2002 2.21pm
you bicyclists could always get off a push your bike over the bridge! That say you don't have to risk life and limb and the pedestrians aren't knocked over.

simple really
Thursday 3 October 2002 3.06pm
I cycle from one end of SE1 to the other and back each day and use some riverside walkway, a little pavement and mostly road. I would use road all the way but one way systems, roundabouts etc make this impossible to do and still get where I want to go without huge detours.

What amazes me is the speed at which some cyclists go, particulary where they are sharing space with pedestrians.

As someone who owns neither lycra garments, shorts nor a helmet, I've noticed these speed freaks usually all do and also that 95% are male. It puzzles me why they use the riverside walkway as I suspect they would much rather be racing against cars.

My girlfriend once got shouted at by one when she was cycling across a green lighted cycle crossing and he'd gone through a red light.

My boss, who cycles through Vauxhall Cross says she has to shut her eyes when she sees this type of cyclist going on the inside left of lorries (the best way to get squidged if you cycle).

Perhaps they regard cycling as anm extreme sport rather than a way to get around. Whatever, they are the ones who give the rest of us a bad name.
Thursday 3 October 2002 3.29pm
I drive through the centre of London every day to and from work and without question cyclists have taken over the mantle of the least law abiding. It used to be motorcyclists, jumping lights, wrong side of islands in queues, on the pavement(like the bloke on the big bike yesterday having taken to the pavement in high holborn actually hooted a pedrestrian who was walking their dog!).
But cyclists: no lights/no reflectives, no signals, wrong way on one way streets, jumping lights, wrong side of islands, on the pavement, on the millenium bridge and probably worst of all jumping pedestrian crossings when everyone else has stopped and the people are crossing.

There are no angels on the road in London so don't come back and tell me about the cars/lorries/taxis/buses who did whatever, I know, it is a bit of a jungle and occasionally I'm probably one of the drivers who annoys someone, but it seems that lately bike riders have become the least responsible in the centre.
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