Anti Social Behaviour - Tanner Street

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Wednesday 20 July 2005 9.20pm
Hi everyone,

Sadly I am here again to tell you the story.. Complaint to the council few months ago but now the kids are here again.

This morning (Wed) I was waiting for RV1 at Tanner Street. There's a group of uniformed kids (at around 9-11 years). They gathered and sweared at road users. Also they tried to scare and attack cyclists/buses.

Everyone was driving quite fast and just in case someone on the bike was scared and lost balance, it would easily be a fatal accident.

I have complaint to the council again but am very upset about it. Anyone has any idea what we can do to prevent those kids from doing something harmful? I am quite tempted to take my digital camera with me and take some video clips or photos......

Just be careful when you are around that area in the morning. Also if you have any friends who cycle pass Tanner street please inform them on the situation..
Thursday 21 July 2005 10.24am
take some discreet photos, check what school they come from and inform the community police. while they are mob handed ( not the police! ) they will be bolshie, individually you won't get a word from them...little sods....
Thursday 21 July 2005 11.51am
If you can tell the school they come from by the uniform ring them directly and tell them what is going on they may send a member of staff along to see for themselves-my old school certainly did if people complained about the behavior at the bus stops (mind you that was mainly the old people who would complain if we did not let them push on the bus in front of us as their passes used to finish at 4 pm)
Friday 22 July 2005 7.56am
Absolutely, get on to the Police and tell them to send someone for several days running. The kids will get the picture....
Friday 22 July 2005 8.59am
Why not exterminate them?
Saturday 23 July 2005 7.48am
Thanks all.. I have taken some pictures and video clips (I really can't identify which school they are from). The police has spoke to them and they didn't appear last Friday. If they do I will post the pictures...
Sunday 24 July 2005 3.47pm
You may have to wait to sept now most secondary school have broken up for the summer now.
Monday 25 July 2005 7.24pm
I will keep my video clips as well as pictures in case they appear in Sep.
Tuesday 26 July 2005 10.34pm
There was a group on kids on Tanner St again a couple of days ago - kicking a football against the glass windows - when it bounced off and hit my car, and I asked them to be more careful and watch the traffic, they gave the car a kick or two for good measure - uzi 9mm anyone?!??!
Wednesday 27 July 2005 5.56am
Alas, remember the lady with the air gun....landed in the slammer I think. The little blighters need a good kicking ...where are the police when you need them?
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