A treat for a lady?

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Tuesday 23 August 2005 4.34pm
Pregnant wife. Gonna burst soon. Will need post birth boost. Any top ideas, except the usual change all the nappies/cook/be her domestic slave? Spa type stuff an option, but an interesting alternative would be great. I might get slightly less grief if I can pull this one off...
Tuesday 23 August 2005 4.59pm
A champagne picknick on Primrose Hill
Tuesday 23 August 2005 7.54pm

Manicure & pedicure etc at County Hall Spa (in the Marriott) - they do a pregnancy package so you could get brownie points before the event too, and St Thomas' is only 100 ft away.. My wife did it and loved having posh toenails in labour, even if she couldn't see them!

Breakfast in bed apparently worked a treat (so she's telling me now!), as does buying Heat, OK etc. Another bit of advice is to get in her top 5 movies if she is going to breastfeed - it is boring as hell otherwise.

The other good advice I would give (an old lag - 1xdaughter =3 yrs, 1xson= 2 weeks) is go out for lunch/dinner, taking the baby as soon as you feel you can. We went to Bluebird on the Kings Road last week, and had a lovely lunch - baby slept right through.

Watch out for those hormones around day 4/5...scary!

Most importantly (apparently - I'm just the conduit now!) tell her how well she is doing as often as you can...


Loafer (& remote controller)
Tuesday 23 August 2005 8.08pm
Get a private chef or caterer in to cook a nice dinner for you one night - not too soon after she comes home, but when you're more settled into a routine, at the point when she's keen to get a bit dressed up but not quite ready to leave the house.

If you don't have much space at home, there are people who can bring almost everything pre-prepared and just dish up for you as well as do most or all of the clearing up. PM me if you'd like some suggestions.
Tuesday 23 August 2005 9.11pm
Depends on your budget, I think the best pressie in this situation is something lovely that she would never buy herself, that is absolutely NOTHING to do with the baby, motherhood etc etc - some kind of exotic treat that shows you still see her as an exciting woman and a lover, as well as the mother of your child - some really, really good perfume, a piece of jewellery etc. The spa treats are a good idea, as long as you avoid anything that smacks of "get yourself back in shape!" :O)
Tuesday 23 August 2005 9.38pm
When my sis had her baby I bought her a few presents, but she said her favourite was the French bread, dolcelatte, brie and champagne - all things she had missed while she was pregnant.
Wednesday 24 August 2005 6.39am
Congrtats Ruudgull!

A cheaper alternative might be to get some DVD's or films and setting up your home as a cinema. Bit of popcorn etc. If you like I can lend you any of the below (in DVD format):
Red Dwarf ... Series 1, 3 and 4
Dalglish - Portait of a Natural Footballer
X-Treme Snowboard Trax
And absolutely heaps of Vin Diesel stuff

Let me know.
Wednesday 24 August 2005 7.21am
how about a float at the floatworks? she would have to heal first i suppose (salty water etc) but it does wonders to help people relax. My wife and I went the other night and I had a great nap.

Wednesday 24 August 2005 8.11am
Some new clothes, after all that maternity stuff.

Monsoon are usually good for slightly ethnic dresses which don't require a waistline. I needed a special occassion dress shortly after one of my children were born. We asked the manager and she took us around and showed us dresses which would fit. It was really nice to wear 'real' clothes again.

More baby orientated, but the Art of Health in Balham used to have mother and baby yoga classes, run by Yogabugs I think. I never went but know several people who really liked it.

Gym membership or personal training sessions and the promise of babysitting?

A trip to somewhere 'grown-up' like a sophisticated restaurant, or the theatre or a film. Though you may find that you just talk about the baby. Also my brain had turned to mush, and a well reviewed play (Art) simply seemed boring and irrelevent.

Getting up first at 3.00am!

Wednesday 24 August 2005 9.17am
I'm very touched by your suggestions (particularly the offer of Dalglish- Portrait of a Footballer, but I already have that thanks!) and have really given me a wealth of options (like the booze option- guess she will be gagging for it after 9 months of abtinence!).

Cheers guys- will let you know what I come up with and find out wether I am a New Man or a guy who gets accused of not truly understanding the inner psyche of maternal ramifications...(but then again who does?)
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