St Anne's Church - Thorburn Square

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Friday 23 September 2005 8.04am
Does anyone know what is happening with St Anne's Church in Thorburn Square? They seem to be selling off all the fittings (my parents saw a sign outside saying that the pews etc. were for sale) and today I had a leaflet through saying 'Final Jumble Sale - everything must go.'

It seems like they are shutting down - maybe business wasn't good, not a lot of godliness in Bermondsey!

Anyone any ideas??
Anonymous User
Friday 23 September 2005 8.50am
I often see the vicar around the square so I'll try to grab a word with him this weekend.

There have been alot of skips taking stuff from the church recently and from what I see from my living room window there are very few sunday morning attendees.

With the sqaure being a conservation area presumably they can't pull the church down?

Friday 23 September 2005 11.24am
Birdie - they could, but it would be a protracted planning process and I've not seen anything published. I've got a copy of the Conservation plan for the Thorbun Square area and the church is, I think, listed as a significant element to the Conservation area.

If you could find out from the vicar I'd be most interested.
Anonymous User
Friday 23 September 2005 1.53pm
Too right it is significant! The rest of the square is pretty ugly to look at! The view from my living room would be horrid without the church!
Friday 23 September 2005 2.32pm
I've emailed the vicar to draw his attention to this thread.

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Friday 23 September 2005 3.36pm
Thanks James. Vicars with email, whatever next

Birdie - have you ever read the Thorburn Square conservation document, it's very interesting? You can order it from Southwark council or I can send you a copy if you want? It details all of the conservation points of interest and discusses the actual bits of Thorburn Square that were (in their words) ruined by the 60's new-build flats around the church. If you've ever seen the old pictures of the lovely Victorian houses that used to surround the church then you'd see how beautiful it did look.

Ever time I stand in Fort Road and look down at the 'vista' that is the ugly 60's flats that dominate the skyline, I can't imagine what the 60's planners were thinking.
Anonymous User
Friday 23 September 2005 4.02pm
I love to have a read of that, perhaps I'll hunt you down once I've found the Vicar! I have seen photos of how the square used to look and it was lovely. It irks me that it survived the blitz but not the 60's! However, I also have to think that if they hadn't built the ugly flats then I wouldn't have my home (which, IMO, is rather nice on the inside).
Anonymous User
Saturday 24 September 2005 7.19am
I went and read the notice outside the church last night - it looks like they're just selling off broken and redundant articles - there's nothing to say the church is being closed down.

Am in work today so no vicar hunting!
Saturday 24 September 2005 6.49pm
The vicar says he's joined the forum and will try and post something himself, but in the meantime he's asked me to pass this on:

"But let people know that we are having a good clear out and getting rid of old junk not the pews and lots of old jumble. Being a good boy I have done it properly through a faculty. St Anne's is well and has no plans to close and is open every sunday at 10am and a warm welcome will be given to all!"

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