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Friday 1 November 2002 10.40pm
the next vacuous, prepubescent teenybopper to throw a firework in my vacinity, on my way home, will find that I will insert a similar pyrotechnic item into his/her backside. Just warning you, ok. Not that you have bothered attending enough lessons at school to be able to read this website, anyway.


-MM- The Nature of Monkey was Irrepressible.
Sunday 3 November 2002 10.43am
I thought it was illegal to sell fireworks to minors. So surely the best course of action is to inform the police.
I have been surprised by the number of bangs, including a large number going off in the Tower bridge road vicinity around 3am one night. It would be great to see the police acting more proactively, and investigate more promptly.
The sale of fireworks needs much stricter control - those things are dangerous. And now with cheap and tremendous public displays there is very little need for private sales.

Mike Boyle
Sunday 10 November 2002 8.12am
Sainsbury's in Nine Elms have stopped selling fireworks because they could not deal with all the urchins who invaded their store. Presumably they deterred nice affluent customers buying ciabatta.

We and the kids let off some great rockets from our tiny yard. I bet our neighbours hate us. And we probably scared a few people on passing trains. But it was fun. Do you want an invite next year?
Monday 11 November 2002 10.30pm
Yo Sarah - thanks for mentioning FUN! Seems that some others have forgotten about fun. You'd think fireworks were a year-long pest, not just for a few days - unlike the constant nuisance and danger of traffic and other urban delights.
Let's keep the firework pest in proportion!
Tuesday 12 November 2002 9.39am
I think the two months of fireworks we get either side of November 5 help to give us a hint of how awful the blitz must have been. If I ever get a heart condition I shall have to leave the UK at this time of year to avoid constant shocks form loud bangs. And what about the poor foxes and squirrels, I bet they don't like them either.
Tuesday 12 November 2002 11.17pm
FUN! At anyone's expense - great - let's go for it! I can think of a few things that would amuse me. Can't wait to come round to Sarah and Kates places - I used to roadie for the Dead Kennedys - my God am I fun - obviously following rehab - i am soooooooooo....... glad there's people around here who are liberal! Where's my invite.
Wednesday 13 November 2002 11.32pm
David - 4 months of fireworks? just a slight exaggeration eh? car alarms are more of a nuisance than fireworks surely? if you get a heart condition and have to leave the country then don't try flying - it may finish you off completely!

Rob - glad the rehab's helped, er, i think...
Thursday 14 November 2002 9.53am
I thought car alarms were "out" - very eighties. I haven't heard one for ages.

I don't mind any city noises (I quite like sirens) except loud sudden bangs. Is it only me who thinks it's a gun or a bomb? Why can't fireworks just go whoooosh and Wheeee?

When I get my heart condition in 50 years time, I shall sail away on a barge along the Thames, waving goodbye to my some of my favourite places ...
Thursday 14 November 2002 6.19pm
I was a gun David - watch out, my shot is getting better and I'm after moaning gits!!!
Thursday 14 November 2002 7.30pm
very distateful

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