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Wednesday 26 October 2005 4.20am
I really dont know if this is the right place to do this, but I was just wondering if anybody had any ideas about the London Postal Service or scams that have gone on with it. Here's my situation, its pretty sticky. Over 10 weeks ago I ordered a guitar from an online trading post. I live in the United States, St. Louis, MO to be exact, and this guy was from London, so he said he sent it via the London Postal Service. I sent him the money through Western Union, he said he got the money, but I am still yet to receive the guitar. He said he worked for an online wholesale company that works with used and new guitars in the UK. He has stopped responding to my emails, actually about 9 weeks ago, and the website he gave me with the tracking number,, no longer works. If, which i think i did, i got screwed, do you have any ideas of where i can go to report such a thing? I have heard that there have been problems with the London Postal Service, and I've heard that if he sent it the cheapest way possible, which he did, it would be by boat and would take 8-10 weeks, which has already passed. He said he lived off Catford Road in the zip code HJ78KL , do these exist? Any ideas or advice anyone would be willing to give would be greatly appreciated, thank you for your time.---justin
Wednesday 26 October 2005 9.50am
I'm afraid the post code/zip code you gave doesn't exist.

Anyone else able to point this guy in the right direction about claiming his money back?
Wednesday 26 October 2005 11.17am
Report it to the police who should direct it to the high-tech crime unit. This is fraud / obtaining property by deception. It may be that he is not even in the UK, but this should be investigated because if he is doing it to you, Jmanion, he's doing it to others.

You probably need to speak to your local police station as the Metropolitan Police website suggests, even in the event that you are abroad.
Wednesday 26 October 2005 11.23am
It's not looking good: Western Union payments are the main method eBay (and other) fraudsters use - usually something along the lines of "thanks for buying this expensive item, instead of paying through Paypal or similar please use Western Union" - it's as good as cash, and unretrievable (whereas Credit Cards, Paypal etc are all reversible if you can make a case to the company).

The domain was on a list of expired domains way back in March and is available for registration, so I doubt it was ever live. And as far as I know there is no "London Postal Service". The Royal Mail is the equivalent of the USPS: anything else might - but only might - be a courier company, but it sounds like a completely made-up name designed to fool foreign purchasers.

Your only possible line of action would be to contact the email serivce proivider, but if it was a yahoo or hotmail account, it will probably be a dead end.

Sorry to be so negative, but very few ways to see a good outcome to this.

Wednesday 26 October 2005 1.13pm
Definitely contact the police - if you have all the account details you sent the money to then there should be a trail. May that person, whoever he may be, rot in hell!
Wednesday 26 October 2005 1.21pm
if the 'online trading post' was e-bay you can go through them with a non receipt of goods complaint, otherwise try contacting the website you purchased through.
Wednesday 26 October 2005 9.58pm
Yea...he was emailing from a yahoo As well, it was through a trading post on a guitar website, not e-bay...things arent looking good. I guess all i can do is go through the police in the United States? How would i go about talking to the police in London? Thanks for all the information, even though its bad news, at least i dont have to keep trying to get my hopes up. Thanks again, any info you have would be and has been of great help....justin
Thursday 27 October 2005 1.38pm
He may never even have been in London in the first place.
Looks like you've lost your money.
Hope it wasn't an expensive guitar
Thursday 27 October 2005 4.53pm
And definitely worth contacting the guitar web site - you probably won't get your money unless they have amazing standards for feeling responsible for their community, but they may require full registration for posting sales which would allow you to have a go at tracing the conman (very very unlikeyl he used proper data of course), and at least they can post a warning NEVER to pay for goods by Western Union. It's ok for sending money to distant relatives, but not for sending to strangers (unless you've got the goods first of course)... It's secure, it's just not reversible.

Police may be able to get info out of Yahoo as to where he was registered from - but he could have been anywhere (could Western Union tell you where the money was collected, then you can try the police local to that point?)

Thursday 27 October 2005 11.00pm

"He may never even have been in London in the first place."

I agree. Certainly a address would indicate the US, not the UK, where you would get a "" address - that's what I got from them.


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