Fighting City Hall - a success!

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Thursday 24 November 2005 8.53am
FOR ONCE...we fought City Hall and won. It may be that we won the battle but will lose the war..but none the less, this should encourage all ofyou who feel that there's no point. As you all know from this forum, horrible St George have been trying for five years to get a large tower building on our parking lot. They have been stymied every step of the way by refusals, appeals and so on, but of course the DPM has always finally overruled objections and given them the goahead. HOwever the last lot of permission had a few "conditions" which St.George thought they could easily finesse - such as "providing adequate commensurate off street parking for the 85 places which will be unavailable during the building(2 years)". So of course there ISNT any place on the E&C roundabout for 85 secure parking places. That's why lots of people bought into our building, expensive as it is. We have secure, lit, CCTV surveilled, gated parking next to our front doors. So St.George said "Oh, sorry, but there really isnt anywhere, so we'll give you all on street parking permits..just go and park on the Rockingham Estate and you'll all be fine". NO NO, we said, we shall NOT be fine. OUr insurance premiums will rocket, our cars, and our personal safety, will be coompromised and that is not fulfilling the condition. Oh well, said St.George, with their mega-billions, here's 100,000 towards your insurance premiums. NO NO we said,a)with 420 flats that wouldnt be nearly enough, never mind the no claim bonuses, and the muggings and rapes and b)that was never the deal. AND - the committee turned them down, and refused permission!!

NOw I tell you this because the Council are terrifed of refusing permission to big developers because going to appeal costs lots of money, and St.George have unlimited amounts of cash to chuck at QCs at a million pounds a minute, and Southwark Council is strapped for cash. And although the planning officer came to the meeting with a recommendation to accept the proposal (because HE has been told to say yes to everything so as not to get Southwark into expensive appeals) the councillors on the committee told him to shove it.

SO, darlings, never forget!! It's never over till it's over or until the FAT LADY SINGS and always, always fight and fight!
Thursday 24 November 2005 9.47am
" Robbin' people with a ......"

...if you press it, they will come.
Thursday 24 November 2005 10.19am
Are we talking Southwark Town Hall rather than City Hall?

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Thursday 24 November 2005 1.56pm
YEs of course we're talking Southwark Town Hall...I"m just using the old quotation "You cant fight City Hall" (orig. USA something or another). ie. the little guy hasnt a hope. YES the little guy HAS a hope..he just needs to be stubborn and hang in there. Admittedly this may still be yet another delaying tactic only...but on the other hand, St.George have been trying to get this show on the road for so long and the delays, missing their building slot, and so on, may - just MAY - make them feel that there are bigger and better fish to fry and not bother any more with this utterly stupid, anomalous development which is opposed by pretty well everyone except the DPM (may he rot in hell) and St.George's shareholders.
Thursday 24 November 2005 2.25pm
the best fried fish are not always the biggest

...if you press it, they will come.
Thursday 24 November 2005 3.38pm
Congratulations Jackie and fellow residents ... I hope this is the end of your travails.
Thursday 24 November 2005 4.00pm
consider the whitebait

...if you press it, they will come.
Thursday 24 November 2005 4.33pm
Well Paul, I wouldnt say at all it's the end of our travails...wish it were. But it does show that the small guy CAN throw a spanner in the works and this is important. It may just be that it's another delay, and nothing more. It rather depends on the determination of St.George to build this blasted tower come hell or high water, or whether they wouldnt rather just cut their losses and go and build a bigger and better and flashier thing in the E&C Regeneration area (which is the band wagon they are trying to climb on).

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