Bin men

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Monday 23 January 2006 5.42pm
Hi all,

bit of wierd topic but thought i'd see what everyone thought about it. Our flat is in Bell Yard Mews (the place with 3 different postcodes and addresses - but thats another topic) and as such is in a confined space - kind of a courtyard i guess.

When the bin men come twice a week at between 6 and 6.30 they wake us up. Now i'm not saying for any moment that i don't appreciate them turning up and taking our rubbish away - it's just that they drive into the court yard in the big diesel truck and then shout at each other, band the bins around and then drive off at speed after revving their engine a couple of times just as a finale.

I suppose my questions to the floor are -

1 - Do we have any rights over what time the bin men come?

2 - If yes - who do we complain to without them stopping taking our rubbish?

3 - Should i just accept that for as long as i live here then i will be woken up around 6 twice a week when i don't want to be?

4 - Is it common that bin men come early to avoid the traffic or is there any reason why they couldn't come during the day?
Monday 23 January 2006 6.21pm
i believe that they work early on purpose because there will be fewer people around for them to get in the way of. Can you imagine the traffic chaos if they tried collecting a main road during rush hour?

i think that no 3 applies.

go to be earlier the nights before, and get an early start at work when you get woken by the bin men.
Monday 23 January 2006 8.00pm
You can certainly complain about the noise (shouting to each other, banging bins etc) to Southwark Council ( from memory).

However, IMHO, the complaint is just as likely to lead to more noise and bits of rubbish, either not being collected, or strewn around the yard.

How long have you lived there ? It's amazing what you get used to and just fade out after a while. I'm pretty near Guys and the ambulances used to wake me up every night. Now I just sleep through.
Monday 23 January 2006 10.06pm
earlier to bed it is then i guess!

An Great British institution of loud bin men!
Wednesday 25 January 2006 3.06pm
I would be highly delighted to have two collections a week...when we first moved here we had two collections, Monday and Thursday...then they changed it to one.
we now have maggot factories in the summer...i'm terrified of the bleedin' things...
The dustman have to hoot and holler to let the driver know when to move on start machinery etc.

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