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Sunday 15 December 2002 3.21am
Hi Guys

I'm not sure if this is a forum piece or a chatter piece, but i am so incensed that i hope its a chatter piece and people read this. tonight, i had a really bad experience at cynthia's and it makes me wonder why anyone bothers going out in se1 if that's the way they are treated.

anyway - onto my night - wedding in cambridge 4pm, dinner party @ tufnell park @ 830pm, left dinner party @ 2:30 am as wanted to catch last of 2 many djs @ cynthia's 21st century body rockers - really love electroclash (see earlier e-mails) and really love radio soulwax's stuff..... anyway - pitch up at the door of cynthia's @ 3am - and I ask - are Radio Soulwax / 2 many DJs still on. Big bouncer answers - are you prepared to pay 10? I said - yes - if the DJs are on - are they? He responds - "I'm not interested in all that crap - do you want to pay the money or not? Have you got the money to pay or not?" So I reiterate that I'm happy to pay, but only if I'm going to see some of the soulwax set.... Anyway - this goes on for 10-15 mins - him telling me that he doesm't know which DJs are on etc. and that I either have to pay or take my chances or get out (by this time he's telling me that "this is going to be a long conversation, lets take it outside the barriers". Anyway - I go outside the barriers and I ask him again if Soulwax have finished and he tells me "Yeah mate, finished two hours ago - don't know why you're hanging around"... So I like the fact that he was willing to let me spend 10 in the first place to get in to see a gig that wag over that he knew about, and was also willing to be aggressive about it. SE1 is ****. Its lost the purpose, and as long as people like this control our bars and as long as mgmt allow people like that to control bars I'm a happy seller of SE1 property. I know there are decent people here, I've enjoyed the ride and would like it to continue, but can't help thinking all good things expire.

take it easy electro-clash kids - lets see cynthia's go under and take it as our own.... I've already moaned enough about how much they expect as a nightly hire fee in previous post....
Sunday 15 December 2002 9.38am
right on... bored bouncers make bad companions.

Never even heard of Cynthia's, to be frank. But I won't even bother.
power to the consumer. Do try to give their management a second chance by getting rid of the bouncer concerned.
I can understand your feelings though. I'd be pretty incensed about it !

Monday 16 December 2002 1.35pm
Really sorry to hear about the ignorant and arrogant bouncers at Cynthias, they are always like that, and I especially dislike being leared at and approached on my way in and out of the loos. If this guy had had any common sense at all he would of asked somebody, why have a job if you dislike people so much!

As it was Soulwax didn't come on until 1.30 ish and played until 5am so you would have had a brilliant time and despite the ridiculous pricing it was well worth it. Erol Alkan (the previous DJ) again was complaining about his dj monitors, something that Soulwax had problems with the last time they played and which put a dampner on everybodies spirits a little, which kinda indicates that Cynthias really can't be arsed! A pity as I think Body Rockers was a credit to this area and now I think they will move on.

P.S - 2manydj's play this Friday at Fabric, I'm sure the bouncers there will be more accomodating!
Monday 16 December 2002 1.41pm
Based on jrs email I will spread the word when asked for my opinion of C's that it is an undesireable venue to patronise.
Saturday 11 January 2003 4.51pm
i think c's looks cool... especially the mirrors in the toilets! But I had my birthday there a few years ago and the people running it were really rude and the guy lied to me about letting people in for free. A mate of mine also had his birthday there and they charged him 100 for about three meters of floor space
Monday 13 January 2003 2.50pm
Since this post, I know that Cynthia's is now under new management. It was bought last December and is just now being run by the new team.

I stopped in last Thursday and met the new owners. They seemed quite geared towards providing a new swinging place in SE1. They have even bought the space next doors and are redeveloping the basement as well. They have some extraordinary plans for the space. I believe their background is Club Wicked.

Feb. 1st is their targeted relaunch, though I think they will remain open until then.

If you have comments and or suggestions for the place, try emailing Caroline mailto:lady.caroline@virgin.net. She is part of the new ownership team and was pretty cool when I stopped by.

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