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Thursday 25 October 2001 10.51pm
I have just been to an excellent meeting at Christchurch, Blackfriars organised by Southbank against the war; part of a coalition of groups opposed to the bombing. 50,000 people marched to Trafalgar Square two weekends ago. We need to build on this to stop our leaders killing Afghans in our name.
The next major demonstration begins at noon in Hyde Park on Sunday 18th November.
A candlelit vigil is planned at 5.30 on Friday 9th November starting outside the Natiomal theatre.

For more info www.waterloo4peace.org.uk
Monday 29 October 2001 11.07am
The UK is a member of the United Nations General Assembly.

The General Assembly on September 17 2000 issued a press release, (no. 9826) which contained the following -

With the sole exception of the permanent five members of the Council, Member States found the veto and its present practise outdated and unacceptable, as it ran counter to the democratic character of the United Nations.

In fact, that was the comment of ASDA JAYANAMA (Un Representative for Thailand) , which was only one of many, many statements that were critical of the veto, and called for change. The UK is one of those 5 countries which possess the veto.

The UN is, by mandate, legally empowered and thus fully committed to bringing an end to war by bringing those in conflict to the negotiating table, and by supporting those negotiations through the trials and tribulations inherent in that process.

The current war in Afghanistan is in direct conflict with Britains place in the United Nations. It is the duty of the UK, as a member of the United Nations General Assembly, to rescind its veto rights and to take further steps to empower the process of negotiation above that of armed conflict.

Time is of the essence, as with each passing day, more bombs drive the wedge deeper between the US and Afghanistan, with the potential for wider conflict ever present.

I call on Tony Blair and all leaders and the British Government to act immediately, by withdrawing their support for war in Afghanistan. There are other methods, more humane and proven, for resolving conflict. The recent announcements on decommissioning in Northern Ireland are living proof of the potential of those methods. Use them again. We need you to do this now.

Yours truly

Corneilius Crowley
12 Trundle Street, London SE1 1QT
Friday 9 November 2001 12.26pm
What an incredibly unbalanced view. For some reason it seems to be ok for terrorists to attempt to destroy major cities, kill thousands of people and attempt to un Balance world democracy and economic stability. When those countries affected, rightly try to remove the terrorists and restore world order, bleeding heart liberals immediately decry this as a killing of the innocents. Shame on you.
Friday 9 November 2001 11.54pm
Adam - the real shame is that you and those that support your view (and yes, you are the majority) cannot see that killing is killling is killing. Whether it is terrorists who have the belief they are fighting for their freedom or national leaders who declare they are fighting for our freedom. It's just more death, more misery, more families devastated.

If you were a resident of any third world nation, you'd understand that world democracy is already unstable. While you may be comfortable in your western 'freedoms', spare a moments thought for those people for whom your freedoms are unimaginable.

I'm proud that my heart bleeds when I am witness to such misery and human devastation. Shame on you for having a heart of stone.

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