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Monday 6 March 2006 5.24pm
Whilst I'm sure there are benefits to the Potters Field car park area being used for something such as this, after looking at the IceSpace website I couldn't help thinking that the environmental impact of shipping 200 tons of sculpted ice from Canada (the website itself boasts that "an incredible volume of ice is shipped all the way from Canada" and that's before the ice used for the rink itself) and the energy required to keep all this frozen for two months of London's (admittedly often not great) summer didn't quite tally with Southwark council's environmental policies. I wonder if they even considered this in giving it planning permission?

Perhaps I'm being too harsh....but do we really need an outdoor ice rink in London in the middle of summer?
Monday 6 March 2006 5.35pm
[Surely we do. Lang Rabbie's going to teach us all the fine art of curling and we're going to enter the Republic of SE1 in the next Winter Olympics]

Q: Does it expend more energy: (1) going to somewhere where there is already ice (in this case, Canada), cutting that ice, and shipping it here, or (2) making the ice here in the first place?

I remember when we lived in the Gulf for a while, they set up a tent full of artificial snow and ice for a week or so in one of the big parks. The kids (and grown ups) were going absolutely barmy as they'd never seen snow or ice before.

This is not the experience of your average Londoner, sadly.

...if you press it, they will come.
Monday 6 March 2006 8.39pm
So am I right in thinking that this will be a public Ice rink ,or is it something more esoteric.

Also what a bizarrely unflattering visualization of the location.
Monday 13 March 2006 1.38pm
Has the world now gone completely mad? Or is this an early April fool's joke???

First Soutwark council say they don't want any more of those events that completely ruin the grass at Potters Fields year by year, and now they are agreeing to such an event, which not only will wreck the whole place, but which I consider to be also not very "environmental" (contrast that with the "WEEman" event which at least had a good environmental intentition)?

Just when I thought they are finally redoing the park in time for summer! No, they have to put an icerink there, rather than creating a green space for summer picnicks, children's playgrounds etc. I bet also most tourists would prefer this.
Monday 13 March 2006 1.42pm
It's on the coach park site, not the grass by the river.

As I pointed out in the caption, the picture put out by the organisers showing the structure on the grass is highly misleading.

[merged with IceSpace thread from last week]

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Friday 21 April 2006 10.27am
Seems like construction of this attraction is well underway...and with nine days to go before it opens, there's no sign of any ice at all!

Tickets at 21 seem a bit pricey too....
Friday 21 April 2006 10.43am
The ice rink is 12.50:

(nb - if you buy IceSpace tickets through us, we get a small commission which helps to maintain this site)

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Friday 21 April 2006 11.32am
This is the same as wanting to eat raspberries in January. I don't see the point of an icerink in the summer and would have preffered something more summery.
Friday 21 April 2006 11.47am
maybe we should campaign for it to be melted - making a much needed SE1 public swimming pool!
Friday 21 April 2006 1.23pm
We're taking my parents to IceSpace in a couple of weeks - will report back afterwards (no doubt to add our opinion to the thoughts of those who have been in the interim). 21 does seem quite a bit, especially as you apparently just get an hour or so, but it is pretty unique, and there are no travel costs for us SE1'ers, with it right on our doorsteps. Plus, an hour fits nicely into the sunday afternoon post lunch slot (along with a trip up City Hall).
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