Sunday roast at the Blueprint Café

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Friday 24 March 2006 11.56am
see here - sounds rather tasty, and an tried and tested alternative to roast...

i have no connection apart from being a greedy and satisfied customer, on the normal menu, not the roast.
Saturday 25 March 2006 3.33pm
Who can afford 12.75 for a Sunday roast ??
Saturday 25 March 2006 5.17pm
You can buy and cook a roast for that!!!!!!
Saturday 25 March 2006 5.51pm
It may not be your thing, but there's no need to jump down Hat's throat.

Like it or not, SE1 is a mix of old and new residents. Some of them will happily pay 12.95 to have a nice meal, they don't have to cook and wash up after - me included - not every week, but every now and then. If people want to spend their hard-earned money and put their feet up at the weekend, I'm all for it.

Or is the board just not inclusive enough for that these days ?

Edited to say, on rereading my post sounds a bit aggressive - it wasn't intended to be. I just didn't like to see someone being neighbourly and getting shouted down. ;-)
Saturday 25 March 2006 7.00pm
I rather like the Blueprint Café and it is by far the best value of all the Conran restaurants in Shad Thames. Apart from good food, wonderful views! Thanks for the tip, Hat!
Saturday 25 March 2006 8.06pm
fabhat wrote:
greedy and satisfied

I can relate to the first part - have always intended to go to Blueprint, you may have just have tipped the Balance Fabhat.
Saturday 25 March 2006 8.32pm
Er , excuse me Siduhe. I did not jump down anyones throat. I did not even mention Hat in my comment. Your comment may have been edited but it is still agressive.
All my point was is that in my opinion 12.75 is a lot for a Sunday roast. I have no problem with people spending their hard earned loot on whatever they choose, but 12 .75 is still a lot.
Saturday 25 March 2006 9.33pm

As I said, it wasn't mean to be aggressive, and if you'd said "that's a lot of money" I wouldn't have posted (and I don't disagree). What you said was "Who can afford 12.75 for a roast ?" to someone who had just done exactly that. You may not have mentioned Hat, but the comment seemed squarely aimed.

I also didn't edit my original reply but added the "Edited to say" to try and make the sentiment clear. If I misinterpreted, please accept my apologies - I just like to think that SE1 is big enough for Blueprint and Burger King (and everything in between).
Monday 27 March 2006 10.16am
Maybe I've lived in the Shad Thames gastro-bubble for far too long, but 12.75 for a Sunday roast seems positively CHEAP to me. Yes, you CAN cook it yourself for less, but I'd struggle to find a decent restaurant that can serve a good quality roast with fresh ingredients for less than 12.75

Many years ago I made the mistake of having Sunday lunch at the Horniman's by HMS Belfast. Something like 8 for a plate of food that had been left under a heat-lamp for over an hour. Rubbery, tasteless, mass-produced rubbish (apologies to Horniman's if they've since become a top class foodies' paradise, but I sincerely doubt it).
Monday 27 March 2006 12.06pm
My son took me out for a roast yesterday ... we went to the Woolpack and I had a delicious roast beef lunch for 10.50. The most I'll roast is chicken; I never cook beef so it was a real treat ... son, incidentally, was given the choice of taking mum up to a restaurant along the river or the pub ... he chose the pub as he knows he's allowed chips and tomato ketchup there ... his verdict on that was "yummy in my tummy"
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