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Monday 3 March 2003 8.17pm

Its official - Bendy-buses don't always bend back... Lambeth Bridge, Mon 03.03 at 8.50am, said Bendy-Bus attempting a corner and kerb at speed seriously over-bent itself and jammed.

Interestingly, in its final resting position, the bus showed an alarming predisposition to bend in the vertical plane too !

Judging from the amount of hydraulic fluids and pipes hanging out - a costly TFL repair is predicted - could always convert it back to two more practical hopper buses ?

Have you had a bendy experience in Lodon of late ?
Wednesday 5 March 2003 12.16pm

I know bendy buses are fairly new in the UK but let's not talk as if there is anything novel or revolutionary about the technology. They have been running in many continental cities for donkey's years.

I don't of course know anything about the particular incident you mention, but in general it seems clear to me that from the passengers' point of view (which is surely what mainly matters) they are a great improvement - more space than a double-decker but with no stairs to climb.

Also excellent and long overdue is the policy of making people buy their tickets before getting on the bus, so that everyone's time isn't wasted while passengers fiddle for their money. Actually I don't see why this can't be introduced on all other one-man buses as well.

I'm looking forward to the new 453 route (starting later this month) which apparently will be all bendy buses.

Wednesday 5 March 2003 1.56pm
well.rory try and climb a hop on bus with a pushchair... as much as i like them, they aren't really practical.
Sunday 16 March 2003 1.16am
I was shocked walking past London Bridge bus station one morning at around 8.30. A bendy-bus was totally packed to capacity, people squashed up against the doors and walls as is common on the Tube, even through the articulated section.

I travelled on one from Waterloo to London Bridge via Holborn the first day of Congestion Charging (521, I think?). Great sightseeing ride through mostly clear streets. Biggest difficulty was people not realising they had to pay before they boarded, being told that by the driver, asking him to wait then spending ages trying to use the machine. The driver did wait for a minute or two but then could had to move off...

Actually, sitting near the front, I managed to hear a nice little snippet of the conversation between the driver and a colleague who was hitching a lift. The word in their depot is that Ken might want to make buses in London free...



Sunday 16 March 2003 5.38pm
definitely should make all buses free.
Monday 17 March 2003 8.00am
that would certainly make me use them.

how does a bus look from the inside ?

Monday 17 March 2003 9.48am
Wouldn't quite be free, unless you think it would be 'free' like the NHS is 'free'. It would mean lots more than the current 25% hike in GLA precept to pay for it, so unless you don't pay taxes, don't vote for it to quickly.

Monday 17 March 2003 1.16pm
I'm all up for raising taxes to give everyone a payrise...

I don't know which one deserves a payrise more...


and this list is by no means exclusive.

so many that should be paid better...

(note... I don't believe that underground personnel deserve any more, after years of blackmail)

those who are given payrises - pay more tax !!!!
- hey, can we make these payrises self funding ???

Yeay !

Monday 17 March 2003 9.22pm
I think we should stop throwing money at the NHS and paying nurses all that money, it only encourages people to get sick more often, if they think that someone will just sort them out for free. They'd think twice about getting sick, if they knew that they had to pay up front to get better. And whilst we are on about it, I never liked them teachers much either. They always made you take out your gum when you were in the classroom. I reckon it would teach THEM all a lesson, if we cut their salaries.
Tuesday 18 March 2003 12.03pm
I'm guessing you don't work in the public sector then MM??!!
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