what's happening Dec. 28 - Jan. 1\

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Sunday 11 November 2001 7.58pm
We will come from San Francisco, CA, USA, to your area Dec. 28 - Jan. 1. Any suggestions as to what we must see or do? What's happening, plays, places to eat, things to do? We will appreciate all suggestions.
Monday 19 November 2001 4.08pm
Firstly, stay away from Trafalgar Square at New Years not matter what you hear about it. The police try to keep everyone away to avoid the crush, people are searched by the police entering the area and there are no ceremonies. Other than that, Im not too sure sorry :-) My gorgeous fiancee and myself will be stretched out on a beach in New Zealand.

You shold be able to get some cheap tickets to plays from magazines like "Whats on" etc. If you really like all the tourist things in London, then I guess the London Eye would be a great way to see lots of London in one go :-) Do try to avoid the huge lines at Md Tusards and if you really want to see it, go in via the Planetarium. As for places to eat, well, thats a whole new can of worms. If you like quiet surrounds, nice food, a 100% lack of smokers, then you could try the vestry on the north side of Tower Bridge by the church. very nice. some of the places around Soho are nice but there are some real tourist traps as well. There is a fantasic place on Berwick street that I forget the name of sorry. If your going to go to Tower Bridge then you really should get on one of the tours, theyre free and give you so much more insight. I was severly disapointed with the London Dungeon as well. After the long wait, the 8 pounds and the football like crowd conditions, i was happy to leave.

Pity shockheaded Peter has finished, that was great fun.

Tuesday 20 November 2001 3.46am
Paul recommends the London Eye (a giant Ferris wheel that inches you around just once during the thirty minute 'ride'). The Eye is okay -- but at 8-10 rather expensive.

For a better view of the city, I'd recommend the top floor of the new Tate Modern art museum. The gallery itself is good too -- if you like that kind of thing. Plus it's free.

The well-windowed seventh floor, which houses a restaurant, looks out across the Thames onto one of the most beautiful areas of the city -- St Pauls and surrounds. You can go just to look too -- no need to dine there (the foods not much to speak of).

There is also a modest Charles Dickens museum on the south side of the river. It might be particularly nice around Christmas -- I don't really know, having been only in summer.

Hope you enjoy your visit.
Wednesday 21 November 2001 5.26pm
I didn' know there were beaches in New Zealand, just lots of sheep ;0)

If you are interested in clubbing, then make sure you book in advance, many of the big clubs/bars will be booked out well in advance (i.e. Ministry of Sound at the Dome, Home etc.) Check timeout.com and thisislondon.co.uk for more listings.

I wouldn't listen to Paul regarding the london eye, though looks and seems like a waste of time, also very hard to get hold of tickets or should I say 'flights' and BA likes to call them.

I shall be lying on a beach in New Zealand with my handsome fiancee, so I don't have to worry about making plans for new year this year.

Whatever you are doing have a good one!
Tuesday 4 December 2001 6.25pm
If you've got the far then all you need to do is 'read the instructions'. The website gives the best possible digest of activities in the SE1 area.

That said, the period of your visit is a bit of a dead time here. The main festival is Christmas and New Year is more laid back.

Probably best off doing the normal tourist things, irrespective of season.

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