Cats in Gaywood Street

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Tuesday 16 May 2006 3.55pm
My poor old diabetic cat Fetish is being terrorised by a nasty Burmese cat. There are at least two cats in the street now who have not been neutered and who are getting into lots of peoples houses and spraying and fighting. Poor old Fetish tried to defend himself and had to go to the vet on Monday with an abscess for which they are trying antibiotics but has to return on Friday, when he may need an op. Does anyone else live in Gaywood Street, Princess Street, or nearby, and know who the Burmese cat belongs to? So far everyone has disowned it but it has a collar. It is rather attractive and looks like a seal point siamese but with long fur.
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Wednesday 17 May 2006 7.27am
poor old Fetish...what your neighbours should do is squirt the offender with a water pistol....pity you cant grab the pesky felon feline and take it to your vets to be neutered or possibly checked to see if it has a microchip? or take it to Battersea ) not the bridge!) and say you found a poor lost cat!
Wednesday 17 May 2006 10.21am
I live on Gaywood street and we have a communal garden at the back. There are lots of cats there sunbathing every day. Most of them are friendly but we can hear cat fights at night. They belong to chaps on Gaywood Street and Princess Street whose gardens are back to back. Every night for the past few months a cat has been coming on my balcony to have a pee and poo in my plant pot which I must admit looked very much like a cat tray. I can't tell you how annoyed I was every morning to discover the earth spilled all over the balcony and the nice present he left behing him. I even left it for a while hoping the cat would not return if it was soiled. Understanding that my little plants and I could not take it any longer, I finally threw the whole pot away and bleached the whole place hoping the bloody cat never returns .
Wednesday 17 May 2006 10.28am
I had a lovely black cat years ago who when I used bleach had to be pried off my hands...he positively relished the smell..I am trying to deter any cats at the moments because of nesting birds...the trouble is my garden is one long strip of waist high weeds, cats love it!
Wednesday 17 May 2006 10.52am
I too live on Gaywood St......and I can verify there is an influx of cats at the moment. Most of the older feline residents are either flat-bound or stay well within their own territories. But right now there is a tribe of new comer cats which I've never seen before. I think someone on the street has got an ad hoc cattery going on. And none of them have been neuteured....there's a very strong cat odour everywhere.
Wednesday 17 May 2006 11.34am
Well, Fetish seems better 'in himself' but still has to go to the vets on Friday, and will quite likely need an op as I can still feel the lump of the abscess. I have in fact squirted both the burmese and another black un-neutered cat with a waterpistol with a bit of dettol as well as lots of water in. Unfortunately this is not a permanent deterrent as I found a lot of fur from the Burmese and a cat spray smell in my kitchen again yesterday. To make Fet go to the loo outside I am having to go out and sit in the garden and have breakfast, dinner etc. and hang about until he has 'been' which is not great fun. When my son and his wife are back from Barcelona we are going to get an infra red catflap and collar for the cat, but this will not solve the garden problem. A neighbour has offered to help me leaflet the street re cat spaying, as this can be done free if you don't have much money. I would really like to present the owner with my veterinary bills, and would have probably caught the cat and had it neutered, but am not quite quick enough! I have not yet been able to obtain one of the really powerful waterpistols but am looking out for one, so if any neighbours receive a squirt of water unexpectedly, please bear with me, I am aiming for the cat!
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Wednesday 17 May 2006 12.58pm
Chavender, I thinks cats are classified as wild animals in the eyes of the law and therefor you would be unable to claim..:-( how about a catapault!) Poor old Fet a cat bite goes so deep..

A friend of mine many years ago was feeding a stray cat for weeks, put her hand down to move the dish and the ungrateful bugger bit her leg, she washed it,kept it clean but ended up in hospital having it drained and on antibiotics for weeks.

can't you get Fet a collar with spikes!
Wednesday 17 May 2006 1.03pm
Funny you should say that, I was looking in the vet for a punk cat collar. Nothing. However I also thought that a black or red velvet one with large diamantes might strike some fear into the opposition. My vet is getting some more this week, with charms all around, maybe they would work, but meanwhile if anyone has a nice diamond collar going free..................????
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Wednesday 17 May 2006 1.14pm
Oh dear, poor terrorised pensioner cat. The aggressor sounds like a Birman, nice loophole for people to deny owning a Burmese (for whom I feel a bit sorry, having missed out on becoming the sacred cat of Burma). Oh well, I was thinking of moving to Gaywood Street in the Autumn, plenty of cats is a positive point, though if everyone denies owning them they may find themselves adopted. Is it nice apart from that?
Wednesday 17 May 2006 1.39pm
I moved from Twickenham, opposite Marble Hill Park, so v. different. Gaywood Street is great for location in the sense of being able to get into town quickly. There are a couple of local pubs and a Thai place which is handy at the end of the street. V. close to Elephant & Castle tube, Morley College,and not far from Borough Market etc. I find it a very convenient place to live though the garden is rather smaller than I am used to. I have been there for about 12 years, and there are a few more new people (all nice!) since then. Excellent neighbours opposite who take in my parcel deliveries when I am working.
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