Fetish out of favour with Chavender

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Monday 22 May 2006 8.52am
Fetish is very much out of favour. On Saturday morning he sank his one remaining evil fang and a full set of claws into the back of my hand, and did not let go until I rather belatedly screamed in pain and shock. Because of my previous cat problems - see 'cats in Gaywood st' I had just spent 150 (including taxis) on visits to the vet with Fetish that week, so was not very happy with him. The hand swelled up and looked v. nasty so had to have tetanus injection, x-rays and am now on huge doses of antibiotics. Seeking to gain a bit of revenge I put a baby pink patent collar with diamantes and a pink bell on Fetish, but to no effect - in fact he seems rather proud of it. I cannot think why he attacked me except that he may have been in a belligerent mood having been attacked by the local toms, or maybe he smelt the neighbour's cat which I had been feeding over the weekend. At Guy's they thought he might have been a bit hypo because of his diabetes. I am seeing him in a new light - although he does not actually speak, there seems a newly sinister look in his eyes, reminding me of Tobermory in the Saki story.
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Monday 22 May 2006 11.19am
How strange. My cat (not normally a bitey cat) bit me on Sunday morning, not quite as viciously as that but managed to draw blood.

We had a long stern chat about what happens to bad cats and why they don't come home from the vets.

Far from a sinister look, she looked at me blandly then went and puked on the sofa.
Monday 22 May 2006 11.26am
Chavender - Fet must have read the posting i made about my friend who was feeding a stray - and repayed her kindness the same way at Fet repaid yours....how about whispering Cattery in a menacing way....how is your hand now?
Monday 22 May 2006 12.09pm
Hand is fairly useless, also hot and red. Fet fine.
Monday 22 May 2006 9.29pm
as a kid, my mom taught me to shout 'mint sauce' out of the car window whenever we went past sheep - is there a cat equivalent you could use?
Tuesday 23 May 2006 8.12am

(goes with anything ;-] )
Tuesday 23 May 2006 8.40am
very good. Could not think of anything suitable but was reminded of my father in Vancouver Island telling me they found a deserted eagles' nest with 19 cat collars in it - the question being how many cats do not have collars? Don't know if Fetish would be impressed by 'eagles'. Not that I have seen any in SE1.
Tuesday 23 May 2006 9.45am

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