Bike Theft

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Monday 10 July 2006 10.32am
Be wary about leaving your bike outside the Angel pub on the river near Rotherhithe. My brother chained his up while we ate lunch in this fine boozer. The bike was not there when we came out, an hour later. Apparently it happens a lot there.
Monday 10 July 2006 3.54pm
One question I would like to ask fellow residents is what can/should one do when we encounter a cycle theft? On Saturday morning when my girlfriend and I were waiting at the 47 bus stop on the far east end of Tooley Street we spotted 3 youths cutting through the locks of two cycles on the other side of the road which were chained to the railings. I walked into the centre of the road to try and 'scare' them off. After some initial verbals two of them came towards me and warned me off - one with the cutters in his hand to thump me with and the other with his hand behind his back ready to pull out something (or pretending to) and so I had to back off as no-one seemed willing to join me to try and stop them. We and some of the other residents had to stand there totally powerless to stop the theft (which took quite awhile). Someone shouted that they called the police but they never arrived. The thieves just didn't care that people were around. Standing there and having to watch this happen makes you fell pretty impotent.
Monday 10 July 2006 5.16pm
Try and get a good description or even a slyly taken camera phone picture - chances are that they will be known to the police and that might lead to someone getting caught.
Monday 10 July 2006 5.31pm

Whatever you do, do it cautiously. These guys know that few people, if any, will step in to do anything. You can shout at them in the hope that they might walk away. You could get out your mobile but that, in some ways, makes you a target. If you take a photo then they will have a reason to come after you.

Before anyone gets in my face, I'm not condoning what these guys do, far from it. But I'm also realistic. They have far less to loose than you or I do, which is why they do it in the first place. They know that Police response time is slow unless someone is being murdered. They know, from experience, that they get away with it more often than not.

I used to think that doing something was the morally 'right' thing to do. Then I stepped in when a guy was stealing a wheel from a friend's car in Leathermarket St. He threw me into the park railings and now I have sciatica and have to do 1/2 hours exercise every morning. He even managed to get his own garage to say that he couldn't have been there because his car (which was seen by three people) was in the garage being repaired so the CPS decided not to prosecute.

What was the upside of my experience? The police told me that I had been lucky because the individual in question had a history of carrying knives.

So now I walk on by on the other side of the street, like 99.9% of the population always have done.

Take care.

Monday 10 July 2006 6.25pm
Hear hear. Did the same thing once and got bashed over the head with a coke tin and no one did a thing even though my glasses were on the ground, my head was pouring blood, but....
Monday 10 July 2006 6.38pm
Didn't think of taking a photo, but one of the youths warned me not to take one with my phone otherwise he would "have to come and get it off me". Charming!
Monday 10 July 2006 10.38pm
.....and the lovely Mr Cameron wants society to shower these people with love. Maybe he needs to try walking on his own, without the comfort of the political protection group, and stepping in. Its so very easy for people at the round end to tell everyone else what to do.

Tuesday 11 July 2006 7.09am
Luckily I live in a gated community in order to prevent these kind of things.
Tuesday 11 July 2006 1.45pm
i was walking down long lane the other day when the security guard in the new development by City Walk came out and stood his bike against the fence whist he locked up. Two young lads crossed the road and whilst his back was turned one grabbed the bike. I yelled and he let it go shrugged his shoulders at me as if to say it was worth a try and he calmly walked off. The security guard did not realise what was going on till this point.

it was the sheer audacity of the kids that really got me
Tuesday 11 July 2006 1.47pm
maurits wrote:
Luckily I live in a gated community in order to prevent these kind of things.

surely avoid, not prevent?
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