40m City Hall wind turbine proposed by Eye architects

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Wednesday 12 July 2006 3.30pm
First it's Berkeley Homes with their grand ideas, now it some other architect with a "giant flyswatter". I know our riverside is attractive but it won't be for much longer if this sort of scheme goes ahead!
Wednesday 12 July 2006 3.38pm
where did you hear that?
Wednesday 12 July 2006 3.39pm
It's headlines on this site and top of the news items!
Wednesday 12 July 2006 3.43pm
thanks saw it, it seems quirky (unusual anyway!)
Wednesday 12 July 2006 3.44pm
I'm doing my Victor Meldrew impersonation!
Wednesday 12 July 2006 3.46pm
I think it looks great. An in your face statement about green energy which has a potential beauty. That specific design needs a bit of work, I'd rather see it more rounded, but why not?
Anonymous User
Wednesday 12 July 2006 3.51pm
If it was more rounded it would look even more like a dreamcatcher than it does already!
Wednesday 12 July 2006 4.33pm
Er ... can the "carbon footprint" caused by manufacturing, installing, maintaining AND SECURING* the wind turbine be offset by the amount of "carbon neutral" energy it will produce, given that it's going to generate power for only 25 homes. If the latter doesn't exceed the former, what is the bl###y point?

*Bearing in mind its location, slap-bang in "Tourist Central".

Also, would the architect who proposed this idea like it in his 'front yard'?
Thursday 13 July 2006 9.04am
It's unbearably ugly
Thursday 13 July 2006 9.34am
carmenes82 wrote:
It's unbearably ugly
It really is. Why do they want to clutter up the already messy riverside with it? Why don't they just put it in an area of outstanding natural beauty in the coutryside, where no one'll see it? (Joke - seriously, I agree with McQueen.)

Don't wind turbines make loads of noise?
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