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Tuesday 22 August 2006 7.10pm
You turn your back and what happens...
The pub on Rockingham Street off Newington Causeway, just n of the Elephant, is no more. Rather spectacularly flattend. I don't know what it was called, never went there and it had been closed for some time. But still, what is the correct ratio of new flats/old pubs?
Tuesday 22 August 2006 7.43pm
Yes that pub has been dead for ages. I suspect (and I emphasise that I only SUSPECT) that it's been bought up by St.George in order to facilitate access to our parking lot when the BIG DIG starts.
Tuesday 22 August 2006 9.42pm
It was squatted for quite some time - the occupants used to have parties on the roof. A few weeks ago it seemed the roof collapsed/caved in, and of course now they've ended up demolishing the rest.
Tuesday 22 August 2006 10.25pm
20 years ago Every Friday I sold news Papers by the Station, . Afterwards we all popped down that same pub. Laughing, joking and 4 pint later with a sandwich from what was then the state of the art Toasts machine ,Yes I remember it well. .Last Friday I went to see a client and it saddened me to see a J.C.B sitting victorious' on top of what was the Pub.
Wednesday 23 August 2006 8.05am
was that The Hand in Hand?
Wednesday 23 August 2006 5.03pm
I think the pub in question was called The Duke of Wellington.
Thursday 24 August 2006 11.14pm
i remember the pub well... grew up around there.. about 15 years ago, a artist took over the place... did all the fancy paintwork outside... ran the place for a year or so... was called 'issac bell' or'issac bells' if i remember correctly... i am not sure but i think they are going to build flats there... i hope that the uxbridge arms is next.. would make a lovely house by the park....
Tuesday 29 August 2006 10.12am
and here's a shot of the sad site, with the gloating digger, it's not clear why they stopped half way.

I'm really sad about this, initially the work looked like restoration until the weekend digger action. It's reminiscent of the diggers moving in on the Goldfinger Odeon cinema over a weekend just as an article appeared in the Sunday papers appealing for it to be listed.

Checking the councils planning register, this has been on the cards for a while. The planning dept turned down an application to convert it to an artists studio and two flats above around 2001.

There's since be an application around 2005, which was passed to demolish and build a block of 10 flats. There looks like there was a clause on noise measurement either during the demolition, or for the poor residents who will be meters away from the Thames link. We didn't receive any notice of this in Metro Central, although have just received notification of clearence of another site of old pub in the South Bank University campus.

Jackie no idea if it's St George, but unlikely, the application was made in the name of an architects firm.

It would have been nice to see the Duke of Wellington restored back to a pub, it's the twin of the Duke of York just up Southwark Bridge Road which does well from the Mori office etc near by but is closed at weekends.

Most of the pubs around here, like the Hand in Hand are true locals, which I'm frankly a bit scared to go in. The King William? on the other side of the Rockingham has made an attempt to be a bit more accessible, leafleting around Trinity Church Sq when they first converted etc, but doesn't look like it's been too successful, they're now missing most of the letters in their name. Perhaps regeneration when it finally arrives would have giving the site a boast and made it viable again, a site this close to the railway is surely better as a pub than flats.

The Elephant sorely needs it's original buildings otherwise it's in danger of becoming another bland MORE London style development. Although I know it's easy to say this, and running a pub at this site wasn't...
Shouldn't we keep the buildings that work and replace / convert those that don't, after all you can't be expected to get everthing right the first time. Having said this I guess at this moment of time the Duke of York didn't...

Tuesday 29 August 2006 11.46am
kitreno wrote:
The Elephant sorely needs it's original buildings otherwise it's in danger of becoming another bland MORE London style development.


More London is a fine development; clean, well-lit, patrolled by security guards, good landscaping, plenty of trees and greenery, lots of public space with loads of free cultural events... if that's 'bland' let's have more of it.
Tuesday 29 August 2006 11.49am
I suspect quite a few of the former "estate pubs" around the Elephant went bust either(i) when the staff of the Department of Health moved out taking much of the daytime trade, and (ii) when Wetherspoons opened under Alexander Fleming House (as locals of my aquaintance still call Metro Central Heights) taking the market for cheap beer.
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