policing in SE1

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Monday 28 April 2003 8.28pm
I'm looking for opinions on policing in SE1, partly a selfish thing as I am going for an interview at Hendon. And would like to honextly reflect what people in SE1 think the main problems are.
What is the main concerns on crime where you live ect, also what you think the police are doing badly, and how they should put it right. Also what they have done right.
Hopefully this would also be a good discussion as well.


Tuesday 29 April 2003 3.24pm
can't say i've seen any policemen or policewomen in my part of SE1! not walking a beat that is...usually just speeding along the road with their lights & siren on.

most of the crime i am aware of is petty crime (graffiti, vandalism, burgulary, car theft etc), a majority of which could be prevented if we had more bobbies walking our streets.

my personal opinion is that there is a need for a return to basic policing. police used to be part of all local communities but that too seems to have been lost like many other vital parts of our community.

good luck with the interview!
Tuesday 29 April 2003 6.19pm
hey thanks Jules seem to have a similar opinion to mine
Wednesday 30 April 2003 9.22am
They're pretty good at turning out if you ring them up (e.g. to say that you're watching an oik break into a car) but by then its too late. Bobbies on the beat are the way forward. Hope you get the job and will be seen on the beat.
Wednesday 30 April 2003 9.30am
Just FYI - I lived for 10 years prior to moving to SE1 in leafy suburbs such as Fulham, Wimbledon, Putney and Wandsworth. I certainly do not feel 'less safe' in SE1 (can I get away with that double-negative?) and in fact I have 'seen' less crime and feel a greater police presence in SE1.

In contrast I have a flat in Aldgate E1 that has been broken into on 2 occasions in the past year despite being on a main road, well lit, with CCTV cameras. The police, by their own admission, know that by the time they get to the scene the offenders will be long gone so they don't make such a response a high priority! It took them 6 hours to get to the flat last time.
Thursday 1 May 2003 3.41pm
The first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions policing in and around Borough Road where I live is that you never see a police officer on foot. Most of the time they are racing through in a car with their blue lights going. Actually I don't think I have ever seen a police officer on foot in the surrounding roads. Despite this I do not feel particularly unsafe in this area. I have lived in The Borough for 15 years and never had to report a crime.

Good luck with the interview. I hope if you get the job you will remain as interested in what Londoners have to say about their Police Service.

Thursday 1 May 2003 11.05pm
Policing our streets must be very expensive. And adding more police and improving efficiency is the politians usual answer. I agree to a certain extent that additional police must help reduce crime. But surely the real answer is to improve the moral fabric and find ways to ensure people don't need or want to turn to crime. A tough challenge and I don't know the answer. So in the mean time best of luck with your interview.
Sunday 4 May 2003 10.27pm
We've had some problems recently due to a hostel for drunks and druggies. When they are let out of their hostel, they have to walk past our estate to get to the corner shop for their booze. I have lived on Peabody Estate for 11 years and not once have experienced any sort of crime. Easter Sunday, some scumbag decided to come around the back of the very back square, get into my kitchen window and nick my handbag, my old mobile phone and my son's gameboy cartridges. We were livid. The police were Ok but because nobody had got killed or anything, nothing much was done. Because we had recently formed an action group ourselves, we decided to do something ourselves. We contacted Southwark Police and asked them for a meeting as we decided to do a neighbourhood watch type thingy. A very charming PC came around and was very enthusiastic about our ideas. He is now supporting us and even offered to help us deliver our leaflets (although he didn't turn up!!!!!)

Seems like if you want something done, do it yourself!!!!

Wednesday 7 May 2003 9.42am
Good luck with your interview Mart. My boyfriend is a police officer and is always saying that they need people who are interested in the community! (By the way, SE1 police are pretty good in comparison with some of the boroughs!)

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