May day protests

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Thursday 1 May 2003 12.41pm
Relevance to SE1 - Waterloo bridge was blocked, so I couldn't get out of SE1.

Honestly, what do these people expect or want to achieve. Have just seen a crowd of cyclists going round and round the Aldwych, blocking the traffic, causing the cars that are present to pollute the atmosphere more than usual!

Only in a wealthy modern society do we have the luxury of being able to whinge. In a primitive society of hunter gatherers, too much time is spent hunting and gathering to take a day off to protest! If these dreadful people are going to take full advantage of modern society, then they have to accept that those 'dreadful capitalists' in the City of London are the people who give the nation its prosperity and wealth.

If they don't like London, they should move out, and go and live in mud huts in the jungle somewhere. But the reality is that in previous years these demonstrations have been stoked up by drugs and drink and loud music, and if they move out of london they will not have access to such 'delights'.

As it is, by their protests they reduce the productivity which is required to pander to their wishes for more cycle tracks in London et cetera.

Thursday 1 May 2003 8.08pm

Please post your exploits here if you've just had a fun time smashing up or defacing things.
Sunday 4 May 2003 9.33pm
They seem to forget that the so called capitalists are paying their dole money, their rent, their council tax, their drug rehab, their legal fees - need I continue!!

The best punishment for them is to force them to have a wash with soap and take away their benefits - after all, if you don't believe in capitalism, why bask in the products of it?
Tuesday 6 May 2003 4.58pm

Groan... Listen to the whinges of the Daily Mail readers.

I didn't go on the demos but I do know that the vast majority of the different demonstrations on the day (including the large union march) were not anti-capitalist but for a wide range of different issues.

This country has a long tradition of encouraging dissent and alternative voices - from the enlightenment up to today and I think it is great that people are prepared to pop out for an afternoon and say their bit rather than just work-shop-watch tv-sleep-work etc..

And EVEN if they are anti-capitalist then fine - go and ride some bikes and play some loud music - London is big enough!
Tuesday 6 May 2003 6.31pm
Anyone who puts quotation marks around "delights" in describing drugs, loud music and drink might just have sped past the Sixties going in the wrong direction.
Wednesday 7 May 2003 9.51am
As I completely missed the 60's, I'm not sure I understand your point...
Wednesday 7 May 2003 10.36am
Pretty sure you can get them outside of London too. Mpamaker, I think you could get a job for life in some of the villages out there.

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