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Friday 2 May 2003 3.03pm
Pity we didn't have the opportunity to vote out our useless council(s) yesterday, and replace them with a proper Tory council. Judging by the unceasing complaints about Southwark on this website, it's about time we had some proper local government, with focus on local issues and reluctance to spend ridiculous amounts of money on more and more administrators.

Anyway, resounding success in the rest of the country, perhaps SE1 can follow next year.
Friday 2 May 2003 3.53pm
There will always be unceasing compliants about every local council in the land,it's not exclusive to Southwark.
I don't think "a proper Tory council" is necessarily the solution to this.
Even if it is,I suspect your going to have a hell of a wait.........
Friday 2 May 2003 3.55pm
Tory?!!! It would be better if we stopped all this interparty bickering and one upmanship and people stood for what they believed was relevant to their local area. A doctor was elected in the last election on the grounds that he wanted to save the local hospital, I believe a doctor won a seat in the scottish parliament last ight on the same grounds. That is local democracy. I realise that local councils aren't about single issues, but I feel it is the party politics which bore and disinterest people. Most people, unfortunately, are only interested in what directly effects them. Invite parents to a parents evening at a school, and very few will turn up. Tell them the school is to close down, then they'll turn up in droves. Still, that is life.
Friday 2 May 2003 4.38pm
A friend of mine lives in a four double bedroom house in (Tory) Wandsworth which is worth about four times as much as my one bedroom flat in Southwark, and we pay the same in council tax.

That is why Tory councils are "proper".
Friday 2 May 2003 5.21pm
It's completely inappropriate for a single issue (non)politician to be elected to Parliament.

A single Doctor in the House - what good can he do. Once he's asked his single question at PMQ 'when are you going to decide to keep my hospital open?' that's it. Finito. Useless.

You have to have colleagues to be a useful politician. You therefore have to lobby the politician that you already have. Not try to stand yourself; ridiculous.

Anyway you write: 'Even if it is,I suspect your going to have a hell of a wait.' Did you mean 'Even if it is, I suspect you're going to have a hell of a wait' education educashun edukashun.
Tuesday 6 May 2003 5.25pm
I think you need to get out more,mapmaker......
Tuesday 6 May 2003 8.33pm
A proper Tory council... will that be the sort that knowingly homes people in flats riddled with asbestos? Or, the sort that offers homes for votes? Or, erm, the sort that siphons off 18million in pension funds...

... Can't wait.

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