Abandoned vehicles on private land

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Monday 2 October 2006 11.36am
Dear all, can anyone help with this? A neighbour and myself in Chaucer Drive both have dumped cars in our resident's car parking spots. I don't think the council can do anything about them as the spaces are private land-i've already contacted the council. However, how do we get them taken away? We're not drivers or TWOC-ers!
Can anyone recommend a towing firm? Would they touch them if the vehicles are not ours? Can we be done for something? Will it cost us a small fortune? So many questions...
Monday 2 October 2006 11.52am
Java - don't do anything yet. I've had this problem, too, and there is a number you can call to get them removed - all you need to do is supply the number plate of the cars involved and advise whether they are taxed or not. BUT, I don't have the number with me (writing from work) so I will dig it out and come back to you. It won't cost you anything (well, not directly anyway although as a taxpayer (I assume) you're paying for it ultimately).
Monday 2 October 2006 11.56am
firstly how do you know they are dumped?

I live in Chaucer drive, and my car doesn't get driven often (mainly only at weekends), and it's not actually parked in the space allocated to our flat, it's parked in a space where i know that no one for that flat has a car, which is right outside our door, and not round the corner.

if it's your space, you can put a notice on the window asking for it to be moved, and then a week later contact the police, tell them it's an abandoned vehicle, and they'll sort it from there.

i wouldn't do anything until you're sure they're abandonded, and the owner has had opportunity to move.
Monday 2 October 2006 12.52pm
following on, you could contact the DVLA (or DVLC, or whoever it is), and tell them you think it's abandoned, tell them the vehicle reg, and ask if they can supply details (ie, owner, address, etc), if it's nearby, go round and complain that they're parking in your space.
They might also have details of if it's been reported stolen or missing by the owner.
Monday 2 October 2006 5.04pm
Thanks folks. I'll put a notice on its back windscreen and give them warning. It has cobwebs and rubbish under the wheels but as you say they may just be chancing a handy spot. It's a blue Mazda starting with G6 by the way. Ring any bells? I'll also contact DVLC in a few days and wait to see if you find that number, McQueen. Cheers
Wednesday 11 October 2006 11.42am

I had this same problem and the Council removed the car for me. They needed the details of the car and authorisation from the landowner where it had been abandoned. (either yourself or the managing agents, if you live a flat)

They then posted a note on the vehicle warning it would be towed away after 15 days if not moved. Sure enough, after that time it was taken away.

Also, this service was free so it would be worth asking the Council about this.

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