Blue men over Maya House

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Wednesday 11 October 2006 12.49pm
Three life size Blue Men one playing a drum have appeared on the wall over Maya House next to Costa coffee on Borough High St.
Winder what they represent? Quite good really.
Monday 16 October 2006 10.21am
I like these too. I was surprised that there is no PR telling us what to think. Maybe I should have a go....

"The figures denote man's climb towards the summit. We recognise their quest of course. Do their instruments symbolise gaiety, or diversion from our daily grind? Do they remind us that we need more collaboration in our daily life? Who wants to "blow their own trumpet" when you can join a band!

Obviously this work is an oblique and timely comment on veil-wearing, as of course the figures are naked. It illustrates art's ability to cut through the leaden, pedestrian bleating of politics and give us a new and fresh insight.

Their essential blueness means that they are everyman; not brown or black or Dale Winton orange but blue- an intense blue inspired by International Klein Blue (IKB) of 1958. The artist was also inspired by Michaelangelo, Spiderman and the death of his budgie, Peter to create a work that speaks to us of togetherness, ambition and spider-like agility."
Monday 16 October 2006 12.39pm
phoenix AKA Lang Rabbie. Come on, own up.
On reading your reply I knew immediately it was a Lang Rabbie critique.
My basis for this observation is the following thread:
see messages 6/8 and my reply in message 12.

phoney™ Saturday 4 December 2004 12.25pm
Lang Rabbie, I googled several of the 'key phrases' in your critique for plagiarism without success.
Therefore I congratulate you on a very, very, funny piece and on your mastery of the english language
Monday 16 October 2006 2.54pm
I am not Lang Rabbie...but I really enjoyed his critique of the artpiece on The Cut.
Monday 16 October 2006 5.46pm
phoenix wrote:
I am not Lang Rabbie...but I really enjoyed his critique of the artpiece on The Cut.

Your cheque is in the post.
Tuesday 17 October 2006 7.27am
I am not Lang Rabbie
Tuesday 17 October 2006 11.17am
spartacus wrote:
I am not Lang Rabbie

Tuesday 17 October 2006 2.30pm
Is it something to do with The Blue Man Group?
Tuesday 17 October 2006 5.26pm
i'm Cathy!
Tuesday 6 March 2007 11.14pm
Well, I'll probably get shot for bumping an old, old thread to the top, but here goes...

The "blue men" at Maya House are an art installation called "Climbers", by the Israel-based artist Ofra Zimbalista.

From looking at her method, I believe that they are lifecast - that is they are moulded from a real person (or persons). They have to hold the required pose while they are covered in alginates and plasters to make the initial negative mould, from which the piece is made. This method is popular with UK artist Antony Gormley, and seems to be growing in popularity.

These types of statue, often painted in a Yves Klein-like deep blue, have become her signature pieces.

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