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Monday 19 May 2003 8.34pm
Does anyone know if people who leave flyers etc in the hallways of blocks of flats can be stopped in any way? Some bright spark in our block opens the door entry system and lets the distributors in despite being repeatedly asked not to. Consequently, we a) get people wandering around the block who have no right to be there and b) the hallway is full of scattered leaflets and reduces the place to a slum. I tried just picking up piles of them and binning them but someone saw me and reported me to the housing association. Result -=stroppy letter informing me that it is an offence to tamper with other people's mail. I know that this is so for postage paid letters but surely not unsolicited junk mail? Any ideas?

Tuesday 20 May 2003 7.11am
if you know who the company is, pick up all the leaflets, walk it round to their offices and drop them in reception.

Friday 23 May 2003 4.38pm
I get so many Pizza leaflets through my letter-box. You would get the impression that we all survive on a diet of dodgy home delivery pizza. I would like to put a notice up on my door but I think it would have to be written in a dozen languages as none of the leaflet delivery people speak English.
Saturday 24 May 2003 12.01am
When I get mail addressed to me but it is only advertising I open it up find their return address and post it back to them - its usually a window envelope.

Any that the postman delivers with no address also goes back in the pillar box.

Pizza leaflets - when they ring the bell - they profess not to speak English so I don't let them in. If they do speak English I tell them I wont let them in to deliver as we don't want them - then when someone else lets them in (as you say, there's always one who lets them in in the first place! - the door on to my landing sqeaks - a good alert system that lets you know some one is coming then the dog takes over) I then catch them on the landing and return the leaflet or stop them putting one in my box. Time consuming I admit but it seems the only way.
Tuesday 27 May 2003 4.09pm
It's all very well to put those unaddressed envelopes back into a post box but it just costs the Post Office more money.

Why do you think that they send round these unaddressed envelopes? Why, to earn more money. The postman is calling anyway, so the marginal cost of processing such an envelope is very low.

What's the benefit to you? Lower postal charges, as they help to subsidise the Post Office.

So, what happens when you put that envelope into the post box? It has to be processed, and it costs the Post Office money.

Result of your inconsiderate actions is higher postage costs all round; for you for me for everyone. So, please put things you don't want in the bin. The Post Office do not redirect junk mail if you put on 'return to sender' anyway.
Wednesday 28 May 2003 12.10am
Dear Mapmaker

I am not inconsiderate - the sender is by sending out unsolicited mail and the Post Office is for delivering unaddressed mail! - and YOU for condoning it!

I hope the Post Office charge the original sender - they should! The benefit to me is it vents my spleen! And with the vain hope that if EVERYBODY did the same it would become illegal!


PS Quite often the postmen ISNT calling on me in the first place!
Wednesday 28 May 2003 11.39am
It's called market forces, Teresa dear. If junk mail were abolished we wouldn't be able to afford a postal service.

Perhaps that would make you happier.

In the meantime, the rest of us are grateful to have a postal service - for all its faults, so please do not be so inconsiderate as to snarl the whole system up by putting rubbish into the letter boxes. If it is junk mail from the council (of which there is plenty of unsolicited mail, planning applications etc.), I hope you don't drop the envelopes on the street as it's the easiest way to return it to them. So don't do the same to the post office.

[Edited to give some coherency to the last paragraph.]

Post edited (29 May 03 10:13)

Cider maker, cidermaker or cider-maker?
Wednesday 28 May 2003 7.20pm
Dear Mapmaker

I don't care about market forces - I buy what I want and leave what I don't. I too, am happy to have the postage service with all its other faults but as for the cost of Postage Stamps, I would be quite happy to pay 50p for next day delivery - guaranteed - and no junk mail! So I will be as inconsiderate as I like in that case because all my unwanted junk mail is going back where it came from! AND its not MY FAULT the PO dont return unwanted mail and make them pay at the other end! Why should I blame the Council - what have they got to do with the price of eggs?
Thursday 29 May 2003 10.19am
Well don't make the matter worse. You are no better than a litter lout.

Your anti-social activities make the Royal Mail less efficient and more expensive for the rest of us, including yourself.

You do not have the advantage of being able to pay 50p for a postage stamp to guarantee next day delivery, so stop being so arrogant.

Finally, of course they don't return the mail to sender. As everybody is well aware, the sender wouldn't want to accept the post, so it is a waste of everybody's time and money.

Fortunately we are not compelled to accept post with insufficient postage stamps on it. Otherwise, just think of the fun somebody who didn't like you could have by sending you 100s of envelopes without stamps.

Grow up! Stop exacting revenge on the poor Post Office staff. Have you not considered that it is the staff who suffer, not the Post Office as a whole. Your selfish actions are not noticed by the powers that be but you will no doubt be roundly cursed by the staff on the ground.
Thursday 29 May 2003 11.52am
I like to make my protest against greeny environmentalists and lib-dems, by collecting all of the junk mail from my communal block of flats and delivering it to the nearest landfill site or incinerator.
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