LSBU - does anyone have any advice?

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Sunday 26 November 2006 2.12pm
Does anyone have any advice? 3 of us have completed our first two years of a degree [....] at London South Bank Uni. Our [...] teacher failed us despite saying we'd done enough work to pass. He actually lied and said we didn't hand in any work. He consults with another student and together they make up marks based on who they like/dislike.
When we complained, formerly, the faculty head pretended to investigate but we know he didn't because he didn't speak to our witnesses. The pro dean then said he would investigate but also didn't. Now our ex course director has lied about what we said to him aobut it all. We have evidence that they've all lied. What should we do now?

[edited by JH]
Sunday 26 November 2006 3.19pm
I'd go to your student union and ask them for help and advice. If you don't find them helpful, then speak to the NUS.
Sunday 26 November 2006 6.25pm
thanks. We didn't realize that the unis student union is not the same as the NUS. Your suggestion supports what a friend recently said. I'll contact them soon. Our uni student union advisor came to the meeting with the pro dean and it didn't make him behave properly.
Sunday 26 November 2006 6.25pm
And if you want a degree, learn to spell FORMALLY.
Sunday 26 November 2006 6.40pm
I did know how to spell formally. Mistakes happen when you're writing fast, are stressed by aggressive tutors and a huge student loan when you can't finish your degree because tutors are corrupt and malicious. Given the seriousness of our situation I hope more people are intelligent enough to judge relevance and sensitive enough to use it.
Also, I did say South Bank University. Few of the tutors can spell.
Monday 27 November 2006 9.59am
What subject are you studying? My son has just put SBU as one of his options
on his UCAS form?
Monday 27 November 2006 11.04am
The reason my original post was edited was because I was too specific about details. I'm guessing there's potential legal problems as well as hassle for the site moderators. I will say that your son won't be doing the course I'm on since they're not taking any new students on it. However, the university as a whole is awful, so if he has the chance to go elseware he should.
Monday 27 November 2006 12.02pm
MrsR recently did her postgraduate CIM diploma there, and she had no complaints about the univeristy, or the lecturers, but i guess it depends what you do, where you, and who you come in contact with.
Monday 27 November 2006 12.07pm
yeah I have met some students there that were happy with their course. There's got to be exceptions but the uni is very poor in general. The nature of my course meant that tutors really only would teach it if they couldn't get work in the industry. One was sacked from a company for incompetence, another was quite open about the fact that if he got a job we wouldn't see him for dust (his words). He's still there!
Monday 27 November 2006 12.12pm
jackie rokotnitz wrote:
And if you want a degree, learn to spell FORMALLY.

If I went through all your posts, would I not find any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors!
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