Flight paths in SE1

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Tuesday 8 July 2003 9.21am
just been woken up yet again by planes flying overhead at 5.00am this morning. this seems to be a new phenomenon this summer- anyone else noticed it?

i think we get a fair smattering of city airport planes, but they are fairly small and less noisy, but these are bigger planes and scream over.

i assume they must be on their way to gatwick? i know flight paths are dependant on weather conditions etc, and i know this doesnt compare with living in hayes, but i thought there was a no flights at night rule?

i will be endevouring to find out more- any advice anyone?

where are those ear plugs...

Tuesday 8 July 2003 9.46am
The planes over SE1 are either Heathrow or City airport bound.
I hear them more in summer but only because I've normally got a bedroom window open.
All I can say is thank god I don't live in Hounslow...
Tuesday 8 July 2003 10.42am
Yes, the Heathrow aircraft are following the river in from the coast but aren't allowed to land until some strange time like 6.04am. I've been in a plane circling London waiting for 6.04.

It's very frustrating to fly right over your house knowing it's going to take a couple of hours to get back there.
Tuesday 8 July 2003 11.56am
It should get better when Concorde stops because they are noisy as hell. Think I heard one this morning too (and I had my windows shut). The whole sky shakes when they go over.
Tuesday 8 July 2003 12.27pm
Most of the longhaul planes from the Far East arrive in Heathrow from 5.30 am onwards. This has been the routine for at least 20 years. They fly right through the centre of London following the Thames from east to west and come right over SE1.

Maybe you are hearing them because it is summer and you have the windows open. Possibly the cloud formations are high and the sound reflects down more. In heavy rain clouds the sound is muffled.


- double or triple glazing
- earplugs
- sleeping pills
- work the night or early morning shift, so you are not in the house
- buy binoculars and become a plane-spotter
- Stinger missiles (not recommended)
Tuesday 8 July 2003 1.01pm
Anything going to heathrow would be at about 5000ft so it shouldn't be too noisy and anything going to Gatwick would be even higher. I doubt if Concorde was in the air early in the morning the normal schedule doesn't do that.

If you look on the BAA website there are a list of numbers to phone to 'enquire' about noise.
Tuesday 8 July 2003 1.27pm
Thursday 10 July 2003 9.46pm
I love watching (and listening to) concorde as she flies over - but it is only at about 5.30pm and 8.45pm at the moment.

Yes the flight path overhead is for London City (mostly twin engine propeller planes) and for Heathrow.

I always have a laugh at those fancy buggers in Richmond with the damn planes every 90 seconds ..... shame it also ruins Kew Gardens.

Friday 11 July 2003 5.01pm
My son has started to talk now and says plane every time he sees or hears one. Now it is lterally every half hour he is saying the bloody word and I've realised how many bloody planes fly over the old kent road (yes, I live in that dump)!
Tuesday 15 July 2003 8.45am
The noise in the morning is casued by several factors....

1. Lack of other noises to counteract the plane noise.

2. Atmospherics - i.e. no cloud

3. Crap flying - i.e. pilots dumping speed in a hurry to begin descent rather like a driver slamming on the breaks before stopping rather than gradually slowing down. alas, there seems to be a lot of this. when you know what to look for it's down to shoddy flying I'm afraid. some of them are a bit like highly paid bus drivers.......
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