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Friday 11 July 2003 10.20am
Does anyone else on here have serious problems getting their post delivered in SE1?

We have made complaints regarding non-delivery of post to our office but nothing seems to ever get done about it. We get at least a couple of letters a day that are addressed to other buildings in the area and loads of our post never turns up. Very very annoying and damaging to business.

The postmen seem to sort the post to an extent on the way round in the morning, is this something new or was it always done like that?

Also on the same theme, is it me or is the small post office the grottiest and most depressing place in the area, surely there are certain standards that the post office should impose.
Friday 11 July 2003 10.23am
The previous occupants of my house paid for post to be forwarded to them; needless to say there were about 5 letters per week that I had to forward to them. My favourite was one which I readdressed, put back in the post box, and it came back to ME! Complaints to the sorting office were of no help. I just dread to think what never arrives...
Friday 11 July 2003 10.52am
Yeah this has been a subject of discussion before here cos the post service in SE1 is appalling.
I could rant all day about it. But I'm not going to cos I'll bore everyone to death...
Biscuit Boy are you talking about the post office on Bermondsey st??
Friday 11 July 2003 11.18am
Yes the one in Bermondsey St - I forgot to mention which one. I'm sure there are some crack dens that put it to shame

Show a man how to make fire and he will be warm for hours, set a man on fire and he'll be warm for the rest of his life.
Friday 11 July 2003 12.11pm
theye managed to lose a REGISTERED parcel for me ... i try not to use the SE1 address for posting. Its absolutely dire. Booooo to Royal Mail.
Friday 11 July 2003 2.10pm
Parcelforce gets our goat.

We dread being told that someone has used them to send a package to us.

Because parking is scarce around our place and the privatised wardens book anything that stands empty for more than 30 seconds, Parcelforce drivers just stop outside our block and leave a form telling us to collect from their office. This is in Camden and a real pain to get to.

The cheekiest one of all was the driver who actually posted the form to us!
If he did that to all his deliveries, he could spend the entire day in the pub !

Post edited (11 Jul 03 14:11)
Friday 11 July 2003 2.46pm
We notice when our regular postman (who is excellent and friendly to boot) is on holiday, thing normally go a bit mad when he is away, problems similar to the ones mentioned here. However when he is working we've had post arrive that was a minor miracle considering poorly written addresses etc. He has been doing the round for years and even when say the wrong door number has been written on the address it still arrives in the right letterbox. It's not all bad!
Saturday 12 July 2003 9.16am
I agree wholeheartedly with Charles re. Parcel Force. I too have had dealings with parcelforce over 'lost' parcels and so called 'tried to deliver but you were out'. They are well dodgy.

Our mail delivery is erratic aswell but we used to have a brill friendly postman who was deaf and dumb but haven't seen him for sometime - pity - hope he's still got a job....

Interesting note re. mail forwarding as I will soon be moving and think I shall have kindly ask and rely on the goodwill of the new owners to forward any mail not re-directed.
Sunday 13 July 2003 4.50pm
agree with all the above. Staff at post office in Blackfriars Rd diabolically unhelpful.
Monday 14 July 2003 1.16pm
We had our passports sent by Special Delivery to my home in SE1, but because we were not in a card was left, inviting us to advise another address, which we did - my office in E14. This proved to be nearly fatal. Without boring readers with the painful tracking down experience, the recommendation from the Royal Mail, was 'do not advise an address outisde the original postal area'. Consequently anything important I now have sent to the office which is staffed five days a week and where there is security outside office hours.

I agree wholehartedly about Post Offices in general - the most archaic, depressing, time consuming, shaby places on earth.
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