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Tuesday 3 August 2010 9.00am
Steph W - my dog is small so possibly gets into more places than some but basically the whole of Bermondsey St is dog friendly. The only place which isn't at the momoent (and I'm working on them!) is Del Aziz.
Tuesday 3 August 2010 10.07am
Del Aziz is happy with dogs outside but, like all restaurants, they aren't allowed in the dining room itself. Similarly, the Bermondsey Square Hotel is 'dog friendly' - but not in the dining room. I believe the hygiene/health & safety laws are different in a pub.
Tuesday 3 August 2010 12.01pm
Kennel Club wrote:
It's daft because there's no law which says you can't take a dog into a restaurant.

Kevin the Collie wrote:
Here in the UK most catering outlets believe (mistakenly) that it is against the law to allow dogs in restaurants. This is not true - obviously they should not be roaming around the kitchens sniffing the food, but dogs can accompany their families for an enjoyable meal inside the restaurant.

Environmental Health News wrote:
The Food Standards Agency told EHN food safety law does not prevent the admission of assistance dogs into restaurants.
‘The law requires food businesses operators to have adequate procedures in place to prevent domestic animals from having access to places where food is prepared, handled or stored,' said a spokesperson.
Tuesday 3 August 2010 12.36pm
At the risk of bringing the doggie world down upon my head: I cannot bear dogs in food shops or restaurants. Should I enter a restaurant which contained a dog, I would leave. I always thought it was against the law but have been disabused of that by this thread.

Purely my preference, and view on hygiene...
Tuesday 3 August 2010 1.45pm
le martinet wrote:
At the risk of bringing the doggie world down upon my head: I cannot bear dogs in food shops or restaurants.
I agree, I don't like dogs in restaurants. There's nothing worse than sitting down to eat and a dog at the table beside you. I don't know many restaurants that let them in though.
Tuesday 3 August 2010 8.56pm
The Lord Clyde just off Marshalsea Road also is dog friendly as well as the Gladstone I believe.
Friday 9 March 2012 4.36pm
I don't want to offend any dog lovers on here but I can definitely tell you that lots of the SE1 pubs are VERY dog friendly. I know because I have been attacked by dogs twice and have a severe phobia and leave any venue when I spot a dog! The garrison/woolpack/kings arms are all very dog friendly. Perhaps the most dog friendly of all is Simon the Tanner. There was an off lead dog running around in there the last time I went and the bar maid actually came out from behind the bar to feed the dog. Needless to say I haven't been back since!!
Friday 9 March 2012 10.18pm
As a dog, I feel it necessary to comment upon this thread, as my kind suffer the slings and arrows of many a narrow-minded human being. Often times people think that because they know a dog or know someone who knows a dog that they 'know' me. This is not the case. Dogs come in different shapes, sizes, nationalities, and have different temperaments and systems of etiquette. For instance, my parents frequently clean my paws, brush my teeth, and give me baths. They dress me in a t-shirt or a tie when enjoying a meal out. They take me out to restaurants and I know to sit down and wait patiently as they enjoy their meals. I often find it funny that people sneer at me as I watch them dig into a sandwich without washing their hands, or, for instance, sit on a patio and allow birds and flies to pollute their food with airborne feces.

I desperately wish I were able to taste the heavenly comestibles, the ambrosia of the humans, but my parents don't believe that it would suit to benefit my comportment when in restaurants.

Dog culture is part of Bermondsey Street culture. Have you taken a walk on Bermondsey Street? I have, and let me tell you, it's full of dogs, upmarket dog stores, cafes, restaurants, and florists stocked with dog treats. In fact there is an annual dog show held on Bermondsey Street every year. If you don't like it, go hang out in East London where people used to spit on me because their religion prohibited them from viewing me as an animal worthy of trotting along the earth. Better yet, go to West London where the establishments are as bland as the mentalities of some of the reviewers here. Bermondsey loves dogs and I love Bermondsey.

Allow me to finish by saying that if I've offended anyone with any questionable behaviour, I am sorry. I'm off to my local for a pint.

Many Barks,

Friday 8 September 2017 2.14pm
Bumping this back up to find out information for 2017 please

Life's too short live it!!!

D x
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