Elected mayor for Southwark?

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Wednesday 9 January 2002 12.35pm
There's only a few weeks to go until the referendum on the future setup of Southwark Council - full details on the <a href="http://www.southwark.gov.uk/involved/referendum.htm">Southwark Council</a> website.

What do you think about the prospect of a directly elected executive mayor for Southwark?

Thursday 24 January 2002 11.16am
The lack of interest in this discussion suggests that turnout will be low as everyone will be eating at the Leathermarket. At the moment I plan to vote NO, on the advice of the Liberals and the Greens. But I am not sure and the leaflet that came through my door this morning suggested a mayor would be more accountable and more able to drive throught the things that need doing with fewer delays due to political infighting. I'm not naive enough to believe this, but does anyone know what the record of the existing system is like - is it accountable enough? are there dodgy deals going on behind doors? Is the Aylesbury estate situation of the council not listening to the electors?
Saturday 26 January 2002 11.53am
The idea of having another hierarchal bureaucrat tier just doesn't appeal to me. I doubt if I Major will make any difference to the amount of time you would have to wait before getting a reply to a complaint within any council department etc.
Sunday 27 January 2002 11.08pm
Southwark Council didn't want the referendum, but Central Govt said we had to have one - so Southwark have done the absolute minimum: arranged an election. Most of the electors have had voting papers and nothing else... I have had a number of people asking what they are supposed to be voting about...
The result, inevitably, will be a small turnout, and Southwark will say "Told you so!"
It's called democracy...
Rev Jim at Crossway.
Tuesday 29 January 2002 4.58pm
I am fed up with hearing local politicians undermining the idea of a directly elected mayor on the basis that it would be bad for the citizens of Southwark. The only people that it would be bad for is the politicians themselves; their power would be reduced whilst the actions of the Council would become more transparent and accountable. We might even start voting in local elections and knowing who to complain to at the Council.

We would not expect turkeys to have objective views about Christmas - so let's not pay any attention to the way in which politicians are using their pulpits to preach at us on this issue.
Thursday 31 January 2002 6.27am
The best way of getting a response and action taken is finding the department's head e-mail address!

This is not given freely.......you have to ask several people...... Some staff have not entered into the spirirt of the thing...claiming all this new fangled stuff is beyond them, or worse don't even know their department heads name let alone e-mail.

But to be fair, all the complaints I have made via e-mail have had a very quick response & action taken straight away.

To phone some of the departments and deal with people who have no interest either in their job, no concern over the people they are employed to help, is frustrating to say the least, especially if the English language is beyond them, or if it isnt , have not the ability to be articulate on the phone.

So thank heavens for e-mails....

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