Annoying Boom Boom Music

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Wednesday 18 April 2007 6.09pm
I don't know about you guys, but i live and work in London and the constant deep bass of people's car stereos is driving me crazy.
It's nice to see that other people feel the same way. It may seem trivial to some, but try living on a busy junction on a summers night.
Wednesday 18 April 2007 6.32pm
Is that a joke? How can you ban music? And what's boom-boom music?!
Wednesday 18 April 2007 6.38pm
I have lived on a busy road (Baker Street) and it is annoying, but this is one of the features of living in a great city like London. Either move out of London or move to a quieter road - problem solved!
Wednesday 18 April 2007 6.41pm
It's about time someone took a stand!

This little fellais the root of it all and I think he should be ashamed of himself.
Wednesday 18 April 2007 6.42pm
Heh at Boss St. Bloke - very funny
Wednesday 18 April 2007 9.25pm
What smug unfunny responses.
Not everyone has a choice of where they can afford to live and actually just because you live in London does not mean you have to put up with unwanted noise.
Tell me Carmenes82...if you had a neighbour move in beside you who played loud music at all hours of the night would you really take the attitude 'Hey it's London, I should either move out or move to a quieter street'?
And's not about banning music, it's about respecting other people's right to a good night's sleep. Loud music from a car (and we've all heard the 'Boom,boom' Leanne refers to) is irritating during the day but hearing it repeatedly through the night can seriously affect your sleep and thus your quality of life.
Wednesday 18 April 2007 10.01pm
Tony d,

There is a massive distinction between having a neighbour who plays loud music in an anti-social manner and a car driving past with loud music on. In the case of the latter, how exactly would you propose to legislate against/prevent people from playing loud music in their cars? More importantly, how would you enforce it?

The answer is that you can't.

I don't doubt the seriousness of not getting a good night's sleep, but the idea that we can do something about loud music in cars by signing a petition is silly. Accordingly, my comment that the only option is to move away from main roads/noisy junctions is apt.

Wednesday 18 April 2007 11.18pm
I know what you mean, I always call them the boom boom boys..when I lived in a quiet street the silence would be shattered at 3.0 am by some dude driving down the street with his sterio blaring away at 1million decibels. And often when I'm listening to the news or classical music at traffic lights the car next to me is pelting out heavy metal racket and the whole road shakes....what to do about it? Dunno.
Wednesday 18 April 2007 11.25pm
boom, boom is already unlawful, but try ringing southwark's permanenly engaged not life threatening police number!

the falling crime figures are more to do about police station closures, long lines at the ones that are and our general reluctance to do anthing anymore than any measureable fall in behaviour.
Thursday 19 April 2007 8.29am
Try living within yards of traffic lights and then be rational about the problem of sound systems on wheels. You hear them coming, they sit there for what seems like hours when the lights are red, then you hear them going. When there's a queue at the lights it can be a real cacophany of noise. And don't even try to open your windows when it's hot!

Having got that off my chest I have to agree that there's basically nothing that can be done about it unless 'in car system' manufacturers build in noise limiters and they're not going to do that as it would decimate their sales. Quite like the idea of a traffic cop chasing after the offender though.

Also it's nowhere near as bad as bass thump neighbours - wish I could invent a universal remote to turn stuff down so I don't have to share it. Before anyone who is responsible for such behaviour gets on their high horse about equal rights etc - I agree but equal means I've got them too.
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