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Tuesday 12 August 2003 3.32pm
No its not the latest Wicked themed night...

I have just seen this posting on a great little e-newsletter about the lesser known wonders of london- past and present- does anyone know if there is any truth in it, or is it some drunken fantasy?

[There is a cellar below the Leather Exchange pub in Bermondsey
that stretches right along the road. It used to be a mortuary and
the stone beds are still there.

Me and my mate tried to explore it once by Zippo light, but got
too freaked out and had to retreat. Apparently they used to lynch
people in the pub...]

site link: http://www.londonbylondon.co.uk

they are about to launch a london news magazine that as the blurb goes: "Sharper and bolder than Private Eye, more opinionated than The Week and better informed than Time Out, The London News Review is like nothing you've ever seen before... only better"

Tuesday 12 August 2003 7.54pm
Bart, I have been at the Leather Exchange for the past two years, as the Manager yes the cellar exists we use part of it as our beer cellar and it is always locked so I'll have to speak to the staff about zippo light tours I wasn't aware they were going on! I have also heard the stories about the bodies, apparently during the war the building was used to take the over spill from Guy's Hospital and was used as a morgue. The stone tables you are refering to are actually the hide racks left over from when it actually was a leather exchange and they are certainly body sized. We have a local historian who comes in and is usually very helpful with theses queries I will ask her when I next see her and keep you posted. Incidently some of the staff refuse to go to the cellar at night as they swear someone is down there, can't decide if they are really scared or allergic to bottling up.
Wednesday 13 August 2003 8.57am

Great history - Great pub!!

Any plans for more of the same?
Wednesday 13 August 2003 9.38am
Thanks Kate,

Does your local historian know about this forum- sounds like we would all benefit from the knowledge!

Also, with the opening of The Garrison and the increasing demand for Saturday nite entertainment from loadsa new punters (Jam Factory etc)- any plans to open on Saturday?

Love the pub, especially the amazing room upstairs- must check out the grub soon- always looks good on the boards- anyone out there who has had the pleasure?
Wednesday 13 August 2003 10.24am
the food is very good!!!

chips are enormous and the burgers great!
Wednesday 13 August 2003 6.12pm
In reply to the question about weekend opening we have tried opening at weekends before and have always found it to be so quiet as to not be viable. I think this is because even though there are lots of new flats there is no infrastucture to support them as yet . So whilst we get fantastic support from the locals during the week, popping in to eat,have a few drinks etc I think a lot of our regulars go out of the area at weekends to find a larger selection of night life. With the opening of The Bermondsey Kitchen and the Garrison this may well change and we will certainly review our opening times over the winter. We are also more than happy to open for private functions any weekend, people often have birthday parties etc here but we are happy to acccomodate any social group/occasion. Feel free to pop in and ask. I haven't seen our Historian yet and am off on holidays on Saturday so will chase it up on my return.
Friday 15 August 2003 12.15am
Bart saw Jenny (Historian) this evening she said she had seen the thread and already started investigating for us. So no confirmation as yet but apparently large sections of Tyers Gate were destroyed during the blitz so it is possible the cellar was used to temporarily store bodies from this.Next update in one month when I get back from holiday!
Cheers Kate
Tuesday 19 August 2003 9.49am
I can vouch for the food and the friendy staff, so much so I'm having a private party there at the end of the month.

Reckon the small network of pubs and restaurants should get
together and promote their venues outside the area. Hopefully that would generate trade , remind residents of what we've got, and hopefullyl lead to more weekend openings.
Tuesday 19 August 2003 2.58pm

The South London Press covered this story today (tuesday 19th) complete with a spooky picture of kate.
Great pub by the way - i can't wait to get back when I'm not at work!

Wednesday 20 August 2003 9.34am
James, are you getting a back hander for all these stories that we are providing the South London Press (this one/barges etc)?

Obviously we are the all SE1ing eye of the area...
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