David Blaine to live in perspex box in Potters Fields

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Monday 8 September 2003 12.21pm
"Prat in a box" is really causing traffic chaos around Tower Bridge at the moment. We came back from holiday on Saturday evening, and when we drove in from the East side of the City to the north side of Tower Bridge discovered almost gridlock and had to take a detour over Blackfriars Bridge (the first one that I could get over) that took over 30 minutes at midnight. I'm not even going to go into the fact that it took 45 minutes to get back from Sainsbury's on Mile End Road to Tower Bridge on Sunday morning....
Monday 8 September 2003 2.00pm
Went to gawk but found it a bit grotesque - but then those fake prawns at the sea-food fair didn't look great either. The sort of thing celebrities might eat in the jungle. Apparantly we missed seeing him pee by about five minutes, so the kids were disappointed. They made up for it by climbing on one of the black blobs. Which together with some cheap halibut meant we all went home happy.
Monday 8 September 2003 2.44pm
Oh dear, how dull is he? We've renamed him, David Plain.

Martin I too noticed the disgraceful state of the grass - I do hope SkyOne will be paying for ladscaping afterwards.

Funny how the box was not in fact suspended over the Thames as he publicity was spouting last week.
Monday 8 September 2003 3.22pm
Thought it was quite interesting to see him yesterday evening, the whoop of 'Ooooh he's standing up' when he, um, stood up made me laugh!
There is only one thing you can say when you see him - its a man in a box.
Its unlikely to get any more interesting is it??
And thought the rubbish and the state of the grass was terrible too.
Monday 8 September 2003 6.30pm
Appaling! Absolutely disgusting!

Thats all I can say about the state of potters fields since Mr Blaine pitched up in his glass wendy house.

I am amazed that his so called 'security' are doing nothing about the rowdy, disruptive, dirty so called supporters he seems to have attracted.
Ok, so i am sure not all of the people gawking at him are drunken litter louts, but that is how it has seemed since friday evening.

At approxinately midnight on Friday, my other half and I walked along there seeing some friends to the station after dinner.
As we walked out from under the bridge, by the tower bridge experience entrance on Shad Thames, some lovely young men threw some stella cans from above us at the crowd below.
One whizzed past the other halves ear at a great speed, and i can Itell you he was not impressed!
This it seemed was indicative of the behaviour of 95% of the people there at this time.
Also, walking there again on Sunday morning I noticed several things around the area vandalised or damaged, and the noise is appaling.

I'm sure that Mr Blaine himself would be embaressed by his 'supporters' behaviour and I am also sure it was not his intenton to cause trouble in the area.
However, cause trouble the whole thing has!

As mean spirited and pompous as this may sound, Mr Blaine, I for one will be glad to see the back of you and your circus, and although I would never like to wish defeat on anyone, right now I can only hope and pray that you fail your endurance test and get down out of that box A.S.A.P

Potters field was becoming a bit on an eye sore anyway, but i'm not sure it will ever recover now. I`m ashamed to have that dusty, dirty excuse for a park at the end of my street.

Im sure no one in the vicinity can be enjoying having this on thier doorsteps, or maybe i'm wrong.

well thats my rant over for the day now.

I'm off to have a calming cup of tea before facing that debacle again in the morning.


Monday 8 September 2003 10.43pm
Hi. Umm. New to the board. I think it's kinda funny how some people on here are so wound up by a guy in a box.

And if you're really so stressed about the pollution, may I suggest you're living in the wrong town?

If you wanna be disgruntled about something, how about yourself?

OK. Sorry for that. Peace
Tuesday 9 September 2003 12.35am
David Blaine's riverside stunt: entertainment or pointless nonsense?

O --: I'm glued to the TV coverage

O --: It's pointless

O --: I agree with Ken, it's offensive

X --: I'm not glued, but I am interested to see if he succeeds

The trouble with these polls is you have to be totally for or
totally against. I'm usually in the 'give and take' category.

Q. What's the only thing that can succeed ?
A. A toothless budgie.
Tuesday 9 September 2003 8.24am
Considering the circus that this whole thing has attracted - is it not possible for Ken to pull the plug?

I wonder if Saatchi has made an offer on the box and Blaine?

Tuesday 9 September 2003 8.45am

It must be nice to be so laid-back, but let me give you my reasons for turning from Guardian-reading liberal to Daily-Mail "Something Must be Done!" ranter.

1. It is unlikely Potter's Fields will regrass until next spring, which means it will spend the next 7-8 months as a field of mud. "Fine", you may say, but this is (was) the only patch of green grass in the area. Our children play in the park; they cannot anymore.

2. No provision has been made by the organisers to stop the overspill from spoiling the other open areas. Yesterday morning Tower Bridge Piazza and the adjoining squares were littered with broken glass because (apparently) no-one in Southwark Council's parks department informed the street cleaning department that greater provision should be made.

3. Hunger Striking for entertainment? oh please! Ang San Suu Kyi, the Burmese Opposition leader, is currently on hunger strike to fight for democracy in Burma. The efforts of the likes of Bobby Sands, Mahatma Gandhi and others are cheapened because of the entertainment aspect of someone 'claiming' to go without food for 44 days.

4. Finally, I do object to the propensity for Southwark Council to be turning Potter's Fields into a garish place in which to hold events, without ploughing the money back into regenerating the park.
Tuesday 9 September 2003 8.46am
There was a young fool called Blaine
who delighted in being a pain
to everyone's shock he hung in a box,
not another endurance trick Again!
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