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Wednesday 11 July 2007 8.06pm
Ah, the armadillo. I'd wondered what was going to become of that bit of the development, but hadn't seen in it in quite that light. It would be great if it could be a one-off rather than a chain. Not very likely, though?
Thursday 12 July 2007 3.13am
Bet this has a lot to do with how this ended up being a Tesco.....
Competition chiefs slam Tesco over land bank
TESCO has come under fire from the Competitions Commission for stockpiling land for future supermarket developments which could be used to anti-competitive effect.

In working papers drawn up ahead of the decision, the Commission said that Tesco, unlike rivals Asda or Sainsbury's, displayed "a pattern of behaviour . . . consistent with the strategic holding of land to prevent entry (of competitors) into areas of strength".

Tesco is believed to own at least half of the free land holdings that supermarkets are sitting on in the UK.

But the supermarket has claimed it does not hold land, saying it was too expensive and that it built on sites as it could.

The chain said the Commission displayed "a bit of a lack of knowledge on the planning process on why delays can occur".

• Meanwhile, the Office of Fair Trading has decided to extend the deadline for the decision on Tesco's proposed 155 million acquisition of Dobbies garden Centres by ten days to August 2.

This article: http://edinburghnews.scotsman.com/business.cfm?id=1081312007

Last updated: 11-Jul-07 15:01 BST
Friday 20 July 2007 8.46pm
James Hatts wrote:
This planning application implies that the space is being subdivided into a supermarket and gym. Which would make sense as peering through the windows from Long Lane the space looks too big to me to be a Tesco Express.
Looking through the windows again today it seems that the space has now been subdivided. The space now looks much more Tesco Express-sized.

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Tuesday 18 September 2007 11.28am
Tesco at the Empire Sq development at the top of Long Lane, near Borough Tube, opens 19 Oct !
Tuesday 18 September 2007 9.28pm
thanks for the update--certainly tesco isn't anyone's top choice but it will be a handy alternative to the perennially frustrating Sainsburys on BHS. And glad that it's not been consigned to be YET ANOTHER in the succession of unoccupied ground-floor retail spaces along long lane.
Hadn't quite put my own name to the 'Armadillo'--thanks for that!--but have been perplexed by the more vertical quasi-cylindrical structure nearby. Is it functional?
Wednesday 19 September 2007 11.03am
i had a peek at the blueprints which are taped up to a window. it seems to be the average tesco metro size, which might mean its more for the ready meal and bottle of wine after work customer.

theres one just opened in newington green and i reckon it'll be about that size. however there seems to be space for about 5 tills which might mean its a bit bigger.

good for milk / and sundries but not good for a proper shop.
Thursday 20 September 2007 1.42pm
TEscos is a highly successful property company that is good at selling food. Sainsbury's is a grocer that just happens to own rather a lot of property. Tesco's success imho is down to its wide-ranging expertise.
Friday 19 October 2007 12.06am
It opens today, so we all have an opportunity to scope it for ourselves. The speculation is over.
Friday 19 October 2007 8.26am
I was very upset to arrive home to my block of flats (less than 100m from the new shop) to find hundreds of Tesco flyers littering the stairwell. This, in the same week, that I heard a Tesco spokesman on Radio 4 talking about Tesco's commitment to reducing their carbon footprint. Very depressing.
Friday 19 October 2007 9.07am

Not sure when you asked me Curatrix - I dont remeber saying Tesco was not my top choice - 80% of my food shopping is done at tesco! so where did 'certainly tesco isn't anyone's top choice'come from?

given the length of queues I think you missed one or two people in your survey before out speaking up for us!!
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