Surely something has occurred in last week

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Thursday 28 August 2003 1.48pm
The 3 News items on the Home page have been there for over
a week now.
Backpacker missing in Skye
Borough Market receives award
David Blaine stunt

Is SE1 so boring that nothing newsworthy has occurred in the last week ?
Thursday 28 August 2003 2.38pm
I am doing something reasonably topical and drastic....I'm starting the Atkins or Fatkins this space....I should decrease daily...knowing my luck my blood fats will increase...( cant remember how to spell the other word! cholesterol (?) sorry am having senior moment!

Not really newsworthy enough though is it?

Thursday 28 August 2003 2.59pm
Maybe James is on Holiday? ;0)

Jan, definately keep us updated on your progress, I am intrigued to see if it actually works.
Thursday 28 August 2003 3.37pm
A friend of mine has just finished a week of it and lost half a stone.
His breath did stink though.
Other than that, he said the hardest part was not drinking - isn't it always?
Thursday 28 August 2003 4.56pm
word of warning (sorry to dampen the positive thinking) - make sure you stop if your kidneys start to ache!
Thursday 28 August 2003 11.11pm
I get the distinct impression that your wonderful James is taking a well-earned break....

remember how lucky you are to have this website!
Friday 29 August 2003 12.18pm
Michael, what do you mean I cant drink? how many carbs in a pint? how many carbs in a vodka, or scotch? what would be the best carb low alcoholic drink? I will have to review this Fatkins diet then....I think I will go on the Carbwizer diet instead...

R. thank you for your advice, what does aching kidneys signify?

Whatever method I use this time I will have to stick at it, have tried weightwatchers, , got fed up of counting points and watching the scales go up! slimming world red days and green days....slimfast the weight went slow, you name it I have tried it!

seriously has anyone on this forum lost large amounts of weight and kept it off?

Friday 29 August 2003 12.23pm
The big problem with doing the Atkins diet is that it knocks hell out of your kidneys as they have to work overtime. You're also increasing your risk of diabetes as a result of the lack of carbohydrate being taken into the body (essentially carbohydrates encourage the body to produce insulin - no carbs = no encouragement for your body to produce insulin = higher risk of low insulin levels = higher risk of diabetes) - you need to monitor your blood sugar levels very closely to ensure that you're not doing yourself any damage.

Post edited (29 Aug 03 12:31)
Friday 29 August 2003 1.23pm
Having progressively lost a couple of stone over two years, I can safely vouch for the oldest diet known to man:
Energy in minus energy out = fat.

A lot of diets concentrate on the energy in bit, but imply you don't need to worry about the energy out bit, to which I say "poppycock!".

As the Blur song has it: "You should cut down on your porklife, mate, get some exercise!"

Whatever you do, do it ....slowly... treat your body as a ship out at sea: you make adjustments to the tiller slowly to steer a ship. Start with gradually increasing the exercise levels. Also, do weights! The amount of energy used in developing muscles and developing bone density is considerable. Over a few months, you will feel fitter, stronger, more alert, and thinner!
Friday 29 August 2003 2.42pm
I know the Atkins diet sounds fantastic, and apparently it does work. But it can't be healthy for long periods of time for all the reasons that people have mentioned above, but lets face it - it can't be good for you to eat so much meat, fat, cheese etc...
And as soon as you stop following it and eat carbs the weight just piles back on.
A couple of my friends have had brilliant success with weight watchers so if anything I'd say do that, but you've tried and its not worked, so that's not a good suggestion for you!
Got to say I agree with Martin - exercise is perfect and makes you feel better in every way.
What ever you do, good luck and let us know how you're getting on.
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