Leathermarket Court theft (& Morocco Street overflows)

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Wednesday 20 February 2008 11.07am
as ever another response about "you sort it out"....if it only started a couple of days ago and if GF were here on site 24/7...but of course that doesn't happen...and they wrote to the tenant....and they don't respond....maybe you will see how frustrating all this is....when will any of you understand the tenant has to be involved and if they don't get involved its a problem....you are all passing the buck...no one has any idea on here what to do....moan on as you all do..................
Wednesday 20 February 2008 11.19am
and as an aside it is a very well run development...sinking fund in surplus, 10 year maintenence and expenditure plans, service charge stability for the last 5 years and forecast for the future, general cleaning and gardening contracts carried out and within budget. i'm sure some will have individual gripes but again most of these will be about the way certain tenants behave, not about the way the development is run or managed. so maybe not to your liking but then you will be criticising without understanding all the facts....as ever
Wednesday 20 February 2008 11.21am
and am i bored of it...yes...but now somewhat bemused too...by the blinkered, self interest only diatribe that goes on on here.
Wednesday 20 February 2008 11.31am
I understand that it can be frustrating to hold office in any kind of residents' association, but I think those who have recorded their frustration with the ongoing Morocco Street situation have done so in a reasonably good-humoured way which makes the rather sour tone adopted by jh uncalled for.

I have to say that I tend to agree with Coffee's very reasonable assessment.

I am confused by the suggestion that taking an interest in the appearance and safety of the public realm is in some way "blinkered self-interest".

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Wednesday 20 February 2008 12.01pm
I agree entirely James, and as a resident of Leathermarket Court I was also alarmed by the tone of jh in a recent email he sent out to fellow flat owners. He was ending a group email to LMC residents because some of the email recipients had apparently caused a tidal wave of spam into John's inbox. As on here he was expressing frustration but did so in a way that I thought was a little too splenetic.

John, you've been in charge of LMC management for a long time now, we all appreciate what you've done, especially since it's an unpaid and thankless task. But the issue raised on this board is very legitimate and requires centralised management from LMC not ad hoc treatment and certainly noy by placing the onus on rightly outraged neighbours and concerned citizens.

With enough will there is always a solution to any problem. But as long as one feels powerless in the face of uninterested / unco-operative LMC flat owners then the problem will remain.
Wednesday 20 February 2008 1.05pm
The water has been "pouring" out of that particular overflow for at least 3 days, and has poured out of that overflow on at least 2 other ocassions so far this year. In between it has "dripped" out of the overflow almost constantly. There are still several others that drip for various lengths of time each day you can tell this by the damp patches on the pavements and wall which are constantly there even when the overflow is not actually dripping at that time.

I'm sorry if Jh thinks we are a lot of moaning people not prepared to do anything about the situation ourselves, however there really is very little a non resident can do. The fact that a non resident has managed to find out the managing agents and contact them direct shows a lot of effort has in fact gone in to trying to sort the problem by someone who quite frankly shouldn't have to do so.
If I was a flat owner in leathermarket court I would be very concerned about the effect this is having on the value of my property. A walk around the out side shows and un maintained block and a search on the internet would no doubtbring up this thread to any prospective buyer and would certainly put them off or at least make them have second thoughts. So if I was an owner of a flat there once I was aware of the problem I would be constantly onto the managing agents to sort it for that reason alone. Unfortunatley (or perhaps fortuantely)I am not so I cant.
Wednesday 20 February 2008 1.43pm
well you'll all be pleased to know the leak appears to have stopped.

the window boxes, in my non-expert opinion, all look well secured.

the window, apparently it was a ground floor flat according to you guys, is only waist high.

there's a big sign with the managing agent's contact details at the front of the development...not so hard to find out.

as a flat owner i am very concerned...as i have said more times than i can remeber...if the tenant does co-operate its very difficult to do anything...at least in the short term.

the onus is on residents to manage themselves...it is rightly nobody else's problem...management should be for the overall running of the estate not micro-managing laxy residents who don't do what they should.
Wednesday 20 February 2008 2.23pm
jh wrote:
Contractors will visit the site on monday to fix the broken external pipes and clean and repair the wall. The issue of the leaks themselves is still to be resolved as access is required to the offending flats. A 3 business day ultimatum has been issued for the leaks to be corrected before forced entry will be pursued, as all flat owners have been previously warned to maintain their properties.

Based on the above said back in Jan - was forced entry pursued on the remaining offenders?
Wednesday 20 February 2008 2.30pm
the leaks were fixed...forced entry was not finally necesaary
Wednesday 20 February 2008 3.14pm
jh wrote:
the leaks were fixed...forced entry was not finally necesaary

But they were NOT fixed, I walk down the road almost everyday often several times a day and there is ALWAYS damp patches on the pavement from leaky overflows and USUALLY one or more over flow dripping. More tend to be dripping in the morning and seem to have stopped tempararelly an hour or so latter which presumably means the drip for a while after use. The one that is an issue at the moment as I have said is always dripping when I walk past and sometime pouring out (3 time in less than 2 months a shocking waste of water)
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